Commercial Electrical Contractor

It is a must to hire a licensed, qualified and competent commercial electrician for your office or place of business. Doing so will hep ensure your day to day operations continue to run smoothly without interruption or delay. Peterkin Electric can assist not only with new commercial electrical installations, remodels and upgrades for your office or business, but also with troubleshooting and emergency repairs to provide your business operation fast results to keep you moving forward.

Professional Commercial Electrical Contractor Services in Orange County

Peterkin Electric provide commercial electrical services for all types of business applications from small offices, retail spaces and restaurants to hotels, shopping malls and hi-rises buildings. We offer comprehensive solutions for all your commercial electrical needs in Orange County. Peterkin Electric understand the rigorous demands of commercial electrical work and will always make sure we meet your electrical needs with the highest quality standards.

Orange County Emergency Electrical Repairs & Service

Peterkin Electric goes above and beyond our commercial client’s expectations by best solving even the most complex electrical challenges. We have a sense of urgency when it comes to commercial electrical repair, knowing that a disruption in service can be a significant loss in revenue for your business. Peterkin Electric commercial wiring services in Orange County has a team of licensed and professional commercial electricians to handle all your electrical wiring needs from new construction wiring to renovation of existing buildings due to the need for increased space or downsizing. Our crew of professional electricians has years of experience to help you get your project completed on time and within budget.

Call Peterkin Electric for all your Orange County commercial electrical and tenant improvement needs.

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