Electrical Fixture, Ceiling Fan, GFCI, Outlet, Switch, Circuit Breaker Installation

Your Orange County home or business relies on electricity to keep the systems within your buildings operational. The experienced professionals at Peterkin Electric provide services which not only ensure that your fixtures and appliances are running efficiently but will also make sure that your electrical wiring is working properly to keep you and your family safe. The knowledgeable electricians and technicians at Peterkin Electric provide a wide range of electrical installation and replacement upgrade services that are designed to ensure that the electrical work and wiring in your home is performing the way it should!

Light Fixture & Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement

If you are interested in upgrading your home or business with new light fixtures that are high in quality and energy efficiency then you have come to the right place. The experts at Peterkin Electric can provide you with a cost effective solution that will improve the look of your Orange County home. Our team of fully licensed and insured electricians can install a wide range of lighting fixtures that are designed to add balance and dimension to any room.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Installation

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet is designed to provide automatic shut off of your electric circuit when it detects that a current has flowed off its intended path. The intention of a GFCI is to protect you from electric shock but it also provides protection from fire. GFCI’s are required in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas and any other area where an outlet is close to a sink. At Peterkin Electric, our skilled team of electricians can install GFCI outlets along with testing them to ensure they give your home the full protection it needs to make sure that your home or business is safe.

Installation of New Outlets and Switches

Installing new outlets and switches in your Orange County home or business can be a time consuming and complicated process. Incorrect installation can result in hazards that may not be immediately obvious. By calling in the expert electricians at Peterkin Electric, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your electrical switches and outlets are properly installed and working correctly the first time. At Peterkin Electric, we provide quality electrical outlet and switch installation, replacement, and inspection of the electric components within your home.

Installation of New Circuit Breakers

When you need new circuits installed in your Orange County home or business, you can trust the expert service provided by the professionals at Peterkin Electric. Our highly qualified electricians will ensure that your new circuit installation is code-compliant and will enhance the performance of your electrical system. We guarantee that your new circuit will be installed promptly while maintaining the highest standards for quality and safety, guaranteed! If you are experiencing a problem with a breaker that keeps tripping in your home or business, it is crucial that you contact the professionals at Peterkin Electric for immediate assistance. While a tripping breaker can be caused by a loose wire, it can also indicate that you may have a very serious problem. Don’t risk damage to your Orange County property or put your family at risk. Our electricians can provide you with fast, effective circuity breaker servicing that will ensure that you, your family and your employees are kept safe. Maintaining safety is our first priority; our electricians and service teams are available 24/7 and will respond quickly to take care of your electrical emergency!

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