Interior & Exterior Lighting Consultations & Fixture Installation Services

Peterkin Electric is completely licensed and insured to supply the commercial businesses and residential homes of Santa Ana and Orange County, California with expert electrical services. With our electricians being experienced, well trained, and exceptionally skilled, Peterkin Electric can deliver superior workmanship. We use state of the art equipment, supplies, tools, and products available only to licensed professionals to ensure premium results. Peterkin Electric is committed to uphold high moral standards and work ethics, family-friendly customer service, and remarkable execution on all services rendered on consistent bases.

List of Lighting Services Offered

Peterkin Electric offers the businesses and homes of Santa Ana and Orange County, California with lighting services that include, but are not limited to, the following:
– Interior and Exterior Lighting Installations
– Interior and Exterior Lighting Repairs
– Interior and Exterior Lighting Replacements
– Interior and Exterior Lighting Inspections
– Lighting Consultations
– Interior and Exterior Lighting Upgrades
– Landscape Lighting
– Security Lighting
– And much more

General Ambient, Task & Accent Lighting

There are three main types of lighting; ambient, task and accent lighting.
Ambient lighting is the most common type of lighting. It is also referred to as general or natural lighting – a soft glow that allows you to function without a harsh glare. Some means of achieving good ambient lighting are through the use of recessed or track lights, chandeliers and pendants, and wall sconces and lights.
Task Lighting is a smaller, more concentrated light to illuminate an area. It is also referred to as office lighting. Good examples of task lighting include desk, swing arm and floor lamps, under cabinet and vanity lights, as well as pendant and track lights.
Accent Lighting is a very concentrated light that aims to draw your attention to a focal point. Accent lighting include wall lights, recessed lighting and spotlights.

Interior & Exterior Lighting Consultations & Fixture Installation Services in Laguna Woods, Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Aliso Viejo, Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Irvine, Lake Forest & Orange County California

With Peterkin Electric, we can help you find the right lighting most ideal to fit your needs and budgets that are more fitting to the current trends or with traditional classics. No matter what your desires are, whether the lighting you desire is for the exterior of your home or business, or the interior, we can help you. Call us today to schedule your lighting consultation service to get started!

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