Benefits of Exterior LED Landscape Lighting in Westminster, CA; Outdoor Security, Value & More

When people think of making improvements to their home they automatically think of all the different projects that can be done to the interior of their home. New cabinets, upgraded countertops, new paint colors, new flooring, more lighting, and so much more could all be on your list of home improvement projects. One area that many people do not think of is the outside of their home. Are you ready to enhance your landscaping by adding in some beautiful outdoor lighting? If so Peterkin Electric can help you! Today we have some of the top reasons that homeowners will add outdoor lighting to their home.

Where to Place Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting can add an extremely large amount of visual appeal to your home. You can highlight tons of different features by adding in some extra lighting outside. You can bring attention to your home’s architectural features that you want to make stand out. Outdoor lighting can make your home increase dramatically in curb appeal. Not only can you highlight architectural features but you can also bring attention to your landscaping. Many yards have landscaping features that turn from not noticeable in the dark to stunningly beautiful at night with some outdoor lighting.

Exterior House Lighting

Many homes have amazing outdoor spaces. If your home has a front porch, deck, or patio you may find that adding lighting to these spaces will help you utilize it more. Many homeowners state that one of the reasons that they do not use these spaces more often is because there is not enough lighting. If you fix that problem you will find that you enjoy unwinding in the evening outdoors more often.

Outdoor Security Lighting

If your home is dark it is at a higher risk for burglary. Criminals will choose a dark home over a well-lit home to help them from getting caught. If your home has outdoor lighting on the home and throughout your landscaping there is an increased chance that someone will see the burglar breaking into your home. Many homeowners’ insurance companies will actually give you a discount if you have increased exterior lighting.

Exterior Safety Lights

The safety of your family and guests will be increased with added outdoor lighting. If you have outdoor parties or activities at night you may have some areas that are dark that can be potentially dangerous. Help your family and guests avoid tripping on uneven paths or cracked sidewalks by putting some extra outdoor lighting in your home.

Does Landscape Lighting Add Value?

Any upgrades that you make to your home will increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers should you ever choose to sell. Lighting can add a bit of space and dynamic form to the outside of your home. When you highlight your best architectural and landscaping features your home will be more appealing.

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If all of these reasons have you ready to take the plunge and add outdoor lighting to your home give Peterkin Electric a call. We can send someone out to help give you some design options that can help make your home the statement piece that you want it to be.

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