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What are Electrical Vampires in Santa Ana, CA? How Do You Stop Energy Vampire Appliances & More

Hiding in plain sight, they are found in homes across the country. Whether you like it or not, the energy vampires suck energy from your home. These energy vampires can easily account for 10% of your monthly energy costs. Even after switching off, energy vampires are appliances and devices that draw electricity. You can save…

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What Does an Ungrounded Outlet Mean in Irvine, CA? Can it Cause a Fire? Are Grounded Outlets Necessary?

Crucial yet often-overlooked elements of your home or commercial facility are electrical outlets. It is not the case, though some individuals may think that all outlets are the same. It is important to understand what ungrounded outlets are, what they look like, and the hazards they can present for optimal electrical safety in any setting.…

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What Can Cause an Outlet to Smoke in Yorba Linda, CA? Electrical Wiring Problems, Overloaded Circuits & More

We depend on electricity in our day-to-day life. Outlets are used more often than we realize. If the performance of our electricity is hindered, it can be more than an inconvenience, it can be hazardous. With this in mind, we at Peterkin Electric would like to discuss how to handle a smoking outlet. Why is…

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What to Know About Installation of an Electric Car Charging Station in Your Home in Westminster, CA

When you are buying an electric car, you will also need to have a charging station installed in your home. Having a charging station is essential to power up your electrical car. There are different types or levels of charging stations. Some will require tapping into your home electrical system directly. To better understand how…

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What Causes an Electrical Outlet to Go Dead & How Do You Fix an Outlet that has No Power in Laguna Woods, CA?

One electrical job a homeowner can do without a professional technician is fixing a dead outlet. It is still important to learn the step-by-step actions to take, though it doesn’t involve a lot of complex work. Today, we at Peterkin Electric would like to walk you through how to troubleshoot the outlet, fix it, and…

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Signs You Need to Replace to Updated Electrical Wall Outlets to Reduce Fire Risk in Lake Forest, CA

There are a number of reasons why it is important to replace outlets about once every 10 years. The main reason why your outlets should be replaced is safety. To provide security and safety from electrical fires, start with maintaining your home electrical system. One of the most common sources of an electrical fire is…

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