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How Can Electrical Fires Be Prevented in La Habra, CA? Do Not Overload Outlets, Invest in Inspections & More

Every single year in the United States there are over 25,000 electrical fires reported. There are many causes that spark electrical fires. The most common causes are the mishandling of the electrical devices. Too many people think they can manipulate the electrical wiring and components or other electrical devices and even the most miniscule incident…

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Electrician in Placentia, CA? DIY Electrical Work is NOT Safe & More

To make repairs and fixes around the home, many homeowners look for simple and inexpensive solutions. When you face problems with the electrical system, however, there are too many variables that require an electrician’s assistance. You should ensure any electrical repairs or installations are done by a certified electrician for the safety of you, others,…

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What Should You Never Plug into a Power Strip in Cypress, CA? Is it OK to Daisy Chain & Connect Strips Together?

To a degree, a power strip can be a convenient solution when you have a shortage of electrical outlets. Relatively speaking, most people don’t know that power strips are only designed to handle electronics that draw very little power. AV equipment or low-power household items such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, or lamps are what a…

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How Can I Add More Lighting to a Room in San Juan Capistrano, CA; Overhead Light to Bedroom & More

Here at Peterkin Electric we regularly get calls from customers that want to add more lighting inside their homes. As we visit with our customers there are some common reasons that they want to have extra lighting installed. There are also some common places that people will add lighting. We thought we would spend some…

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Common Commercial Electrical Problems in Aliso Viejo, CA; Not Enough Outlets, Unsafe Wiring & More

A commercial building’s electrical system is quite complex and a number of problems can develop. For those who own or manage a commercial building it is important to recognize and react to electrical problems as soon as they occur. To ensure the building’s safety as well as all of those inside it, electrical problems must…

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Can a Circuit Breaker Fail Without Tripping in Yorba Linda, CA? Loose Electrical Wiring, Tripped GFCI & More

When the lights go out, there are a host of solutions people try. Establishing there is still power is usually the first investigation. Once you know there is still power, people will double check the switch, assess the bulb if applicable, and when those seem not to be the suspect, the breaker is inspected. However,…

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