Can Summer Heat Cause Electrical Problems in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA? Brownouts, Tripping Breakers & More

Summer is a great time of year. A time to have fun and do exciting things. But summer can be brutal when it comes to the heat. So it’s hot outside what do you do? You stay inside to watch television or play on your game system or phone and run the air conditioning and fans to try and cool off. But what do they run off of? Electricity. When you rely so much on electrical devices, you want to be confident that your electrical wiring is up to the task. Peterkin Electric is here to help you learn more on ways to help keep your home safe from the fallout of faulty wiring.

What Would Cause a Breaker to Keep Tripping?

One of the main reasons why you could trip your breaker would be because it is getting overloaded. This means you have too many things plugged in and running at the same time on one circuit. In the summer it is hot, so you could be sitting inside with the air conditioning on, watching TV, having fans going, and lamps on. Then all at once everything just shuts off. It is because you have too many things running on one circuit and it got overloaded and shut off. Try to spread out your appliances so they are not on one circuit and you will trip breakers less frequently.

What Does it Mean when Your Lights Flicker?

If you have lights that flicker every time you turn them on, it could be as simple as you need to change the light bulb. But it could be a loose connection that you need to call a professional to fix. Another possibility could be when you plug a certain appliance in, your light flickers. That would mean that the appliance you are using is drawing too much power and your house might not be wired properly for it.

Is it Safe to Use Multiple Extension Cords?

Extension cords can come in handy when the cord you have just doesn’t quite reach where you want it. Have you ever gone to unplug a cord and it feels hot? Extension cords can become a problem when you start plugging too many things into it or keep adding extension cords. By doing this it can overrun the extension cord causing it to overheat. If it gets too hot it could start a fire in your home.

What Happens During a Brownout in Electricity?

A brownout is when your voltage of electrical power drops or dims. This can be unintentional or intentional. Brownout can happen in the summer months because it is hot and people are using a lot of power to run their air conditioning to cool off. A brownout can cause appliances to overheat which can also cause a short circuit.

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In the summer, make sure you spread out the items you are plugging in and don’t overload a circuit or extension cords. If you have questions or concerns, give Peterkin Electric a call to help put your mind at ease.

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