Causes of Summer Electrical Problems in Las Flores, CA; Overloaded Circuits, Multiple Extension Cords & More

Summer can be so hot. We often find any way we can to cool off. In the process of trying to cool we use a lot of electricity. Because we use so much electricity it can cause electrical problems in our home. Peterkin Electric wants to help you learn a little more about what could be causing those problems in your home.

Overloaded Circuits

If you have your AC running full blast and your fans going trying to stay cool in your home. That can use up a lot of power. But most people aren’t at home with only the AC and fans going. People are at home using electricity all the time. A computer, the TV, lights, kitchen appliances, and much more. Look around your house and see what is actually using power. You have your fridge and freezer working and because it is hot they are working extra hard to stay cool. The problem starts to happen when your home can’t keep up with your electrical demand. This can cause the circuit to overload and your breaker to trip. If this happens a lot, Peterkin Electric can upgrade your electrical panel. An upgraded electrical panel can allow you to use the electricity without worrying about your circuit overloading.

Using Multiple Extension Cords

In today’s world electricity is always being used. We often need power to devices that can’t reach where we want them to be. So what do we use? Extension cords. Extension cords aren’t meant to be permanent. When using one never daisy chain, meaning never connect them together to make it longer. It is also a bad idea to bury them under rugs. The thermal energy can dissipate causing flammable materials to catch on fire. The best solution to get your devices closer to where you need them for long term use is to call Peterkin Electric. They can install more outlets where you want them. Making it easier to access outlets where you need them to be.

Brownouts & Power Outages Due to Summer Storms

Brownouts are caused by electrical companies when the power demand is too high. To help minimize your energy consumption during one of these brownouts, try keeping the fridge and freezer closed as much as possible. Try to charge your electronics the night before a scheduled brownout. You may want to also remember to do these if there is a power outage because of a summer storm. If you want Peterkin Electric can install a whole home surge protector.

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During the summer try your best to limit the amount of power you use and be smart on how you use it. Peterkin Electric has great ways that can help save you from having summer electrical problems. They are happy to come out to your home and do what is needed to solve any electrical issues you might be having.

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