Ceiling Fan Electrical Wiring Repairs Help with HVAC Cooling Costs in Anaheim, CA

Saving money is everyone homeowner’s preferred options, especially when it comes to improving energy efficiency. Quality installations and maintenance can help in the endeavor along with repairs. When it comes to the repair of your electrical fixtures, such as ceiling fans, delaying them or ignoring them altogether them may not seem a big deal, but you may be surprised. Whether you have one ceiling fan or multiple fans that are on the fritz, delaying these repairs, or any electrical need for that matter, should always be addressed as soon as possible. If the source is damaged or frayed wiring, it could be a safety hazard. However, when you neglect the repairs for your ceiling, it also impacts the efficiency of your HVAC system. Today, we at Peterkin Electric would like to elaborate on why that is.

How Does a Ceiling Fan Work?

Ceiling fans are an underrated contributor to assisting the HVAC systems cooling and warming capabilities. For example, when the air conditioner is dispersing cool air, the ceiling fan is circulating the cool air within the rooms they are installed in. They are especially beneficial in conjunction with your forced-air HVAC system. During the summer months, those living in multi-story homes will have a challenge keeping anything above the ground floor cool since heat will naturally rise. To assist in cooling the rooms faster, the air conditioner can shut itself all the sooner, allowing to save on your utility bills, plus put less wear on your unit. Just as the ceiling fan works with an air conditioner to cool, the ceiling fan aids your heating system to heat. No matter which time of year, delaying the repairs of the ceiling fan will expedite the wear on your HVAC system and increase the utility bills. Additionally, ceiling fans will help you feel cooler because they aid your body to evaporate the sweat, allowing to naturally cool off.

How to Change Ceiling Fan Direction

Homeowners may not realize this, but the ceiling fan also helps the HVAC perform in the winter as well. By simply changing the direction of the blades, it helps move the heat where it needs to be. Where the ceiling light fixture is mounted, near the center of the fan, is typically where the switch to the fan is located to allow to change the directions. Some advanced ceiling fan models may have the blade directional switch mounted on the wall switch or on the ceiling fan’s remote control as well.

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When you need the ceiling fan, or any other electrical repairs done, you need a professional electrician to ensure it is done correctly to ensure the safety and efficiency of the repair. With quality repairs you can trust, you can have the peace of mind your home and family are well taken care of and the electrical needs will work well when you need it to. If you have any ceiling fans that need repairing, call Peterkin Electric today to get your ceiling fans repaired to reap the benefits of lesser utility bills and to reduce the wear on your HVAC system.

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