Cleaning Ceiling & Wall Mounted Dome, Recessed & Other Lighting Fixtures in Laguna Niguel, CA

One of the things that any homeowner knows is that they have to constantly be cleaning dust from the house. The dust that is in the house is a constant and can be found on every surface whether it is soft of hard. Dust is not something that you can keep out of the house because it is in the air that is being circulated. The circulation of the air will cause the dust particles to land on all the surfaces and none of them are left out. That is why dusting is a chore that is done on a regular basis. You want to make sure you have a good idea on what you should do to clean each of the surfaces in the house. One of the surfaces in the house that might need cleaning and your attention are the lighting fixtures. The fixtures are going to collect dust and this can cause the fixture to create heat and possibly damage the bulb or the fixture itself. Peterkin Electric outlines how to clean your lighting fixtures in your house.

Cool Ceiling & Wall Mounted Lighting Fixtures Down

When it comes to lighting fixtures that are in your house you likely have them on and use the light through the day. The light that they give off is necessary and useful but when you are ready to clean them you want to turn them off for about 30 minutes. The problem is that the fixture as well as the bulb can become overheated and hot to the touch. To avoid being injured it is best to allow the bulb to cool off as well as the fixture before you start cleaning.

Supplies for Cleaning Light Fixtures

You want to make sure you have the supplies that you need to clean the types of fixtures you have in your house. The supplies you need are clean cloths that you can use to wash down the fixtures. You also want to have warm water and any other sprays that you might need to clean them. You also will likely have to have a ladder available so that you can reach the fixtures that are higher on the wall or ceiling. The cleaning supplies are things that you need to make sure that the job is done well.

How to Clean Dome Lighting Fixtures

If you have any ceiling fans or a light that has a dome cover you may want to take it down and clean it out. The dome can collect dirt, dust and even pests that have died. You want to make sure that you take the dome down once it has cooled and then dump as much of the debris out as possible. Then you can wash the dome in the sink and then make sure that it is completely dried out before you install the dome back on the fixture.

Recessed Lights Cleaning Tips

These are a more modern type of light that can be found in most homes. A recessed light is a great addition to a house and can add that excess light that your space is missing without taking up space. The great thing is that once it has cooled off you can take the bulb out and use a moist towel to wipe out the recessed portion. Then you can let it dry and install the bulb again. This is a simple and quick cleaning option.

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