Common Faulty or Broken Light Switch Problems in Villa Park, CA; When to Replace & More

Like nearly everything comprising our homes, the light switches have a general lifespan that vary according to a few different factors. Determining when the light switch is in need of replacing is not an exact science, however, for those who know what to look for, you can get them replaced before the inevitable strikes. When you do need them replaced, Peterkin Electric is happy to oblige with light switch replacement services. Today, we at Peterkin Electric would like to list tell-tale signs that the light switch is in need of replacing.

Light Switch Makes Crackling Sound when Turned On

Flipping on the lights does not usually emit noises, and when it does, your attention is usually drawn to the strange sounds. A hissing or buzzing noise might be what comes through, although it is more commonly crackling or popping sounds that sharply resonate. No matter the sounds, it is definitely an indication that there is a problem. These problems do not dissipate, but rather continue to grow, which can lead to an electrical fire.

Light Switch Not Working Right

The closer it gets to needing a replacement, light switches will likely demonstrate some visual hints. Lights that switch off without using the switch, flickering lights, and other similar issues make it clear that the light switches are in need of professional attention. A more subtle visual queue is the intensity of the light that’s being used. When turning on or off another light switch causes another light source to become dimmer, a quick replacement is likely the solution. Additionally, if the switch plate looks either darkened or has a look of being scorched is another simple visual aid you need immediate action.

Light Switch Gets Hot

Light switches can feel slightly warm, however, when the warmth becomes intense and out of the norm, the light switch is failing. With too much voltage surging through this area, the wiring can be the source of the issue, which is a fire waiting to happen. Immediate attention is necessary where an electrician can determine the initial issue and underlying problems and get them rectified.

Age of Light Switch

Though older houses have a certain charm they develop through the years, homes over 10 years old have outdated systems. Where this instance is a good time to upgrade and install smart-light switches to customize your individual needs, it can also spare any potential hazards and the inconvenience of losing a light switch. Taking advantage of the electrician’s expertise can help accumulate energy savings through the years, such as implementing dimmer switches, motion lights, and other energy saving solutions.

Delay when Turning On Light Switch

When a light switch is flipped, the immediate reaction should be instantaneous. When there is a delay of a few seconds before a light comes on, however, a light switch complication is evident and needs to be addressed. This manifestation is clear indication that the wear-and-tear on the electrical contacts within the switch are worsening and needs a professional touch. Like every other sign, these issues do not solve themselves and ignoring red flag will result in additional problems. Getting the light switch replaced quickly, is the safest and most direct action to take.

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