Deck Lights in Seal Beach, CA; Illuminate Outdoor Stairs, Post, Rail, Recessed & Other Lighting

While also increasing your home’s resale value, installing deck lighting and outdoor outlets in your yard can extend your outdoor living opportunities well into the evening. This is an excellent option that adds a lot of curb appeal since the nights get warmer and with more families looking for ways to make close-to-home spaces seem more exotic. Additionally, you can improve safety and security with the many beautiful options for deck lighting. For adding string lights, outdoor appliances and even a place to plug in your laptop for some outdoor home office scenery, extra outdoor outlet installation can give you more options. Today, we at Peterkin Electric would like to share some ideas for illuminating the deck. There are a number of different deck lighting options you can consider depending on your deck design, outdoor living habits and goals, and how you’d like to improve those things. There are a few ideas listed below.

Deck Post Lights

Deck post lighting are available in many different styles and materials. It will provide a decorative touch even during the daytime since you choose styles, colors and materials, such as aluminum, copper, or stainless steel and even plastic that will look great. To illuminate the footpath or stairway at night, deck post lights should face down. It can usually be installed quite easily, and the deck post lighting is a very affordable option. Remember that these can produce more light pollution because they’re situated higher up than step lighting, keep in mind if you are a stickler for viewing the night sky.

Illuminate Outdoor Deck Stairs

On the vertical surface of each step, or under the lip of each step so that the light from the upper step shines clearly down on the lower step, one way to better illuminate your deck stairs is to install lighting right on them. Also, you can enhance your security lighting options as well and this keeps the light focused downward to enhance safety going up and down the steps in the dark. If you are hoping for a good view of the stars, it also prevents light escaping upwards at night.

Deck Rail Lighting

In such a way as to make them invisible when you are sitting, deck rail lighting is also a great option that can be built flush into your deck rails. They focus the light downwards toward the walkway or the stairs and also show people where the rail is.

Deck Recessed Lighting

If you have a large overhang that needs illuminating on your deck, recessed lighting can be a great solution. On certain areas that you particularly want to highlight or provide extra visibility for on your deck or backyard, it provides great illumination to everything below and can be focused. In the event there is a covered porch above, under-deck recessed lighting can only be installed.

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