Do I Need to Rewire My La Habra, CA House? Electrical Buzzing Sound, Burning Smell, Tripping Breakers & More

When you buy your house you are likely looking at the overall appeal. You want to see the best layout, floors, paint color and more. You also need to have the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms. You also may choose to have an inspection that will tell you if there are issues that you may have overlooked. The great thing is that this is a great way to know what you might need to have repaired when you move in. One of the areas of a home that some people don’t realize they may need to repair or even replace is the wiring. The wiring in your house was installed when the house was built and can start to go bad and need to be repaired. There are some signs that you can look for to determine if you need to have your home rewired. Peterkin Electric outlines what signs are telling you to rewire your home.

Electrical Buzzing Sound in Wall

One of the things you might start to notice is the sound of buzzing in the walls. The first thought might be that you have a bee hive but it can be something even worse. Your wiring can be making the sound in the house and this is something you want to make sure is taken care of. The buzzing can be from the circuit, outlet or just the main wiring in the house. It is not a common sound and should not be happening. It is best to call an electrician out to come and inspect as well as replace the wiring in that area or in the whole house.

Electrical Burning Smell

There is not a lot of smells that can strike some fear in a homeowner but burning is one. If you start to smell an electrical burning smell in your house you want to act fast. The wiring can be heating up because it was not installed right or there is a problem with the wires themselves. The burning smell can easily turn into a fire that can devastate your home. The best thing you can do is to shut off the power to the house and have an electrician out to the house right away. They can identify where the problem is from and what it takes to repair it. It is likely that you want to replace the wiring in the house to have peace of mind.

Breaker that Keeps Tripping

Another issue that everyone will have at some point is when a breaker is tripped. This might be when you are over using an outlet or a circuit. The breaker will trip so that the electricity is reset and not being over drawn to one area. If you start to notice the breakers tend to trip more often or that they are tripping for no reason then it may be time to have your home re-wired. The wiring can be sending a wrong signal to the breaker causing it to trip.

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