Electrical Safety Tips at Home in Newport Beach, CA; Teaching Kids About Electricity

Kids are curious about things they don’t know or haven’t discovered. It’s how they learn about the world. Parents love to nurture this curiosity, so they can become strong and imaginative individuals. But this becomes a problem when danger is involved. Kids have a hard time distinguishing the difference between what is safe and what isn’t because they’ve never experienced some of these things; everything is new and exciting! This of course leads to stressful parents. The more complex a situation is, the scarier the results can be. Children need to understand the dangers associated with electricity. You are your child’s first and most important teacher. Make time to teach them about the dangers inside and outside your home when it comes to electricity. Professional electricians know the dangers that electricity can create. Even adults become seriously injured from electrical appliances and wiring every year. So how can you talk to your kids about electrical safety?

Ways to Teach Kids About Electricity

1. Start teaching children about electricity early. Children are like little sponges and learn really fast. The earlier you start, the earlier the will internalize information. Start teaching them as soon as they can comprehend and communicate easily.
2. When teaching lessons about electrical principles, use repetition. Kids need to be told things over and over again. They learn and grow so quickly that’s it’s hard for them to remember things they’ve been told. Any lessons on safety should not be a one-time discussion.
3. Use visual aids to help kids learn dangers of electricity. The more information you give your children about appliances, outlets and wiring, the less likely they are to try and figure it out on their own. Explain possible electrical risks in detail to avoid potential problems.
4. Have open communication about how electricity works. Whenever communication is open, it’s more likely to stick with them. Try and make it a discussion rather than a lesson and get them to ask questions
5. Make electrical information interesting. Make it fun! Otherwise, you’ll have kids looking at you with a blank stare. There are lots of options available to you to teach them, including kits, videos, tools and activities.
6. Make sure lessons about electricity have been learned. Just like repetition, as your child gets older, electrical risks will be different. While some will decrease, some will increase. When your children start to use other common household appliances, phones and computers, you’ll need to talk about issues involved with those.

Electrical Safety Rules

Once they understand how electricity works, it’s a good idea to give them some rules.
• Never touch electrical appliances without an adult supervising
• Never touch electrical appliances or light switches with wet hands
• Never poke sharp items into toasters or electrical sockets
• Don’t climb trees near overhead power lines
• Never climb fences at electrical substations

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Your children need to know about electrical safety. You can teach them all you want, but you also need to make sure your home is safe from any electrical dangers. Contact Peterkin Electric to answer any questions you have or to perform any electrical services. Give us a call today!

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