Electrical Safety Tips; Cable Concealer & Wire Organizer Management in Costa Mesa, CA

Homes are filled with entertainment systems, computers and other elaborate electrical devices. For those who have these electrical stations throughout your home, you may just hate seeing the tangled mess of wires which makes it a major chore just to unplug. Electrical cords or cables don’t just look messy and can be irritating to go through, they can also be dangerous. Organizing your home’s cables and cords can help improve your home’s safety. For those who want or need a clean and more organized home, Peterkin Electric will share a few tips on how to organize your home’s cables to cleaning the mess and improve electrical safety.

How to Keep Cords Organized

Organizing your home’s cords and cables can help make your home look cleaner, improve safety, and prevent overloading a single circuit. You never want to use a single socket for a major entertainment system. If possible, spread out the cables and the outlets that are being used. Additionally, it is recommended by electricians to use surge power protector strips to protect your home electronics. With this in mind, let’s begin organizing your cables. Let’s start with your home entertainment system. There are many components to a home entertainment system, so break them up. There is the TV, speakers or audio system, and game consoles. Start by grouping each of the cables to the individual component together and bind them together. There are many approved cable organizers that safely bind cables together. Many people will bind all cords together. However, to save you a major headache down the road, start by individually binding each component. In the event your speaker or TV breaks, you don’t have to undo the entire system. During this binding stage you may want to make sure each component is in a good place and that, if possible, you can spread out the cables so one circuit or outlet isn’t being overused. With each component in place and their cables bound together, comes the next step. Keep in mind you do the same thing for computers, music, and holiday lighting systems.

How to Hide Electrical Cords on Wall or Floor

Next you will want to place the cables out of view. This is where you will need to get creative. You can use the legs of entertainment tables to connect or guide the cords to their power source. You can find cable clips in most hardware stores that you can connect to furniture to keep cables out of view. You can gather all of the individual component cables together to maximize your cable placement. Make sure that during this stage you do not damage the cables. It is important that the outer cover stays intact. If the inner wire get exposed they can overheat and cause a fire. Additionally, make sure that the cables are not in a place where they can get damaged. Attempt to get the cables tucked away and not going across any traffic ways of the home. If you need to string a long cable throughout your home, you can go through the extra step of running the cable line through your inner walls. You can even run the cables to the outer wall. Secure the cable tightly against the wall to prevent tripping on or damaging the cables. Again, hardware stores will have cable clips or hooks for the exterior walls to help secure the cables safely.

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Many home entertainment systems can be very hazardous and damage electrical systems, causing electrical fire or injuries. Organizing your home’s cables can improve electrical safety as well as physical safety. Peterkin Electric hopes we’ve helped improve electrical safety with these tips. For all of your electrical needs, contact Peterkin Electric today.

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