How Do You Brighten a Dark Deck in Newport Beach, CA; Light Up Deck Stairs, Post Lights, Rail & More

Decks are great additions to any home. They help to extend your living space outside, make for the perfect environment for parties and so much more. There are a number of elements to a deck to consider. Most people focus on the deck’s design and layout, but what about the electrical needs of the deck? A deck is not complete without great lighting and electrical power to cooking areas and other electrical devices you wish to take outside. When building a deck you will want to ensure the electrical needs of the deck are properly done to ensure longevity of the electrical system and of course, safety. If you are building a deck and are not sure where or how to add more lights, Peterkin Electric will share a few lighting ideas for your deck.

Light Up Deck Stairs

Depending on the design of your deck, you may have steps or even a full staircase. To navigate your steps or stairs safely at night you can add light to each step. You can install pocket lights, flush lighting, or LED strips along each step. The light will help you see each step better at night and make for a great aesthetic highlight to your deck. When installing light on deck stairs or steps, a professional knows how to point the light downward to avoid a blinding effect and ensure each step is properly lit up.

Deck Post Lights

Another way to bring more light to your deck at night is by installing deck post lighting. There are a ton of deck post lighting options that not only provide great light at night, but also adds a decorative flare to your deck during the day. Deck post lights not only helps add light but can also mark the edges of the deck. For decks on the second floor, at night it may be hard to see the edges of the deck. However, the post light can light the edges and mark where the deck ends. Deck post light can help enhance the safety of your deck. A professional can install light on the deck post, make certain the wiring is not exposed and have it run through the post which will help to protect wiring.

LED Strip Lights Under Deck Rail

Another option besides adding light to the deck post is that you can add lighting to the deck’s railing. Lighting the post light along the railing can help add a bit more safety and add to the deck’s aesthetics. Adding light to the deck rails can be a bit tricky, especially if you do not want wiring hanging out. Like the steps, you will also want the light pointing downward to bring more comfort to the people on the deck.

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When adding light to a deck it is important that the wiring is not exposed and is done correctly. Another consideration is the light’s comfort. The light should never be blinding when you are on the deck. The light should be a softer light and never point upward or toward the eye. The light must also help show the dangerous areas to enhance navigating the deck at night. With so many considerations when installing deck lights you will want to seek the assistance of an electrician. For lighting, wiring installation and more electrical services, contact Peterkin Electric and schedule our service today.

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