How to Find & Fix Low Frequency Electrical Humming Noise in Your Irvine, CA Walls at Night

There is that hum again. You know, the one that you can only hear when the house is quiet and settled down for the day. The one that is making you feel crazy because you can’t locate the problem and its source. Peterkin Electric is here to share some tips to help you locate any low frequency electrical humming that could be coming from your home as well as explain the cause for the problem in the first place.

Locating the Source of Low Frequency Electrical Hum at Night

There are a couple of ways that you can locate the source of the hum that has been driving you crazy. Here are some of the most effective ways to locate the problem.
Ear Trumpet: You have seen those ear trumpets that are a cone you put near your ear to help people hear more effectively? You can simply make one for yourself and use it to heighten your hearing senses as you walk around your home. This will help you find the source of the hum you have been listening to.
Stethoscope: You can purchase an inexpensive stethoscope to help you find the source of the problem as well. Using this aid, walk around to all of your outlets and light switches to see if this is the source of the sound.
Eliminate Possibilities: Worse comes to worse, you can always go straight to your breaker. Slowly switch each switch to the off position until you don’t hear the sound anymore and that will allow you to narrow it down to a certain area in your home.

Causes of Low Frequency Electrical Humming or Buzzing Noise

Depending on the hum, it may be harmless. However, there are some instances where this hum is a sound of warning against other, larger issues. If you are hearing this hum near your appliances, it is probably the sound that they make during normal operation and is no cause for concern. Likewise, when you hear it coming from fluorescent lights, the only way to eliminate the problem is by replacing the light and fixture. There are two situations that mean bigger problems though.
Outlets & Wiring: When you hear a hum from the outlets, it is usually a sign that there is a danger. Sometimes, the outlets aren’t grounded properly or the wiring used isn’t rated for the high voltage that is being transferred through it.
Circuit Breaker: Your circuit breaker is designed to trip whenever it experiences power surges. There are times that a malfunction may take place and that circuit is left in an overloaded state. This is a major fire hazard.

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If you have noticed a low frequency electrical hum that is a cause for concern, don’t hesitate to call on the professionals at Peterkin Electric for help. Attempting to solve the problem on your own can be dangerous and put you and those you love at risk of electric shock. Call us today!

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