How to Ground a House Electrical System & Common Earthing Problems in Costa Mesa, CA

A house fire is no joke and when you have been through one you know that even a small house fire can be devastating. The fire can take over the house and ruin so many things. The first is from the actual flames that are being created but the smoke and the soot can be just as damaging. Many homes that are part of a fire are due to something that we all use everyday. The thing that causes many house fires happen to be unsafe electrical wiring or use. Although some of these fires are because someone in the house is misusing the electricity by overloading a single outlet or using damaged cords and fixtures there are still some that are from faulty wiring and grounding. It is important to understand all you can about the electrical system in your house so that you can do all you can to avoid a potential fire hazard.

Peterkin Electric Outlines What You Need to Know About Properly Grounding Your Homes Electrical System

What is Electrical Grounding?: The reason that people used grounding when it came to electrically charged appliances and fixtures was really for protection. The electricity that is used to allow the appliance has to get to the unit without charging the rest of it. That is where the ground wire comes from. The wire is taken from the electrical wires and is run to a ground area that will pull any electricity that is not in the right area away. That way when you walk up to the unit like your refrigerator you will not be shocked when you touch the door to open it. If the wire was not there the shock would hit the next person that touches the unit. Now when it comes to grounding a whole home there are options that are often in the actual outlet. The round third opening on the outlets is there to reroute the electricity that should not be there. This works when you plug something in that has the three prong fixture.
Earthing Problems: The biggest problem that occurs when you have electrical grounding is that someone will get shocked. When you live in a large area or a city many electricians start to notice that metal pipes and conduit come in contact with wires that are exposed. That is a huge danger to anyone or anything that comes in contact with it. The sad part is that often times the problem is from badly installed and repaired electrical work. You want to make sure that you contact a professional to look at and inspect your electrical outlets and wiring for proper grounding.
What Can An Electrician Do: If you want to be sure that your home is protected properly with electrical grounding you need to call out a professional. They are able to come out and look for signs that there are electrical outlets that are not properly grounded. When they find one they can safely get into the wires and repair the faulty connection.

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