How to Stop Wasted Vampire Power & Phantom Electrical Loads in Lake Forest, CA

There are energy sucking kilowatt munching vampires in nearly every home. If it takes a remote to turn it on or off or control the device, it is sucking up to 1/3 of the power it takes to run on. The only way that remote works is if there is power to the device, as the infrared sensory and circuitry is on monitoring for that remote connection. TVs, stereos, lights, computers and computer peripherals all suck up power 24/7 with some devices using up to 33% of the power needed to run them. That means they are running with no one benefiting from their power consumption. Do you turn your laptop off at night? If you leave the transformer, the box your computer plugs into you are running power, even if the device is off as the transformer side runs all the time it is plugged in. Transformer converts AC line current to DC current, what all of those electronics run on. The transformer creates heat that is radiated away. Most power extension strips and surge protectors have a switch. Turn off the switch and everything plugged into it is off. But most of us plugin and toss ‘em in the back of the computer desk or workstation. Requiring some convenient way to manipulate the power.

Vampire Electricity Solutions

There are some interesting solutions. There is a remote-controlled switched extension cord, that way you will only be running one remote device instead of many. Another item is a foot switch. Stomp on the button and power up your workstation. Other work arounds if you can reach your outlet is a plug-in switch for the outlet or extension cord. Just make sure it is rated high enough to handle your load. Vampire power munchers can consume a lot of power that does not serve a purpose. Your power bill can be lowered considerably if you can control these power consumers. Yea they’re handy but you pay a price for the convenience. One answer is to build your own. Build box or a recycle humidor. If your handy build a switched line or have an electrician wire the ‘guts’ of the thing for you. A switch, inlet cord and outlet or corded extension and you’re in business. Looks good on the desk but serves as the guillotine that severs the power to your vampiric devices. Other boxed designs can be utilized, only limit is your imagination. If you’re lucky you may have a switched outlet. Some older homes offered a switched outlet if they had no overhead lights.

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With LEDs replacing CFL and iridescent light bulbs, those devices that set idly chewing up kilowatt hours of power need to be tamed. This constitutes the next front for reducing power consumption and minimizing our carbon footprint. It’s not really something most of us think about or even aware of, thinking if the device is off we’re good. Not so. We need to manage these devices but retain some convenience with our remote operated devices. Phantom power devices may account for up to 3% of you power consumption. It is estimated that these devices cost Americans up $19 billion a year. That’s a lot of power for no benefit. Anything with a digital clock is also sucking up those electrons. So be on the lookout for vampires and phantoms and learn to manage them. Call Peterkin Electric for all your electrical needs!

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