Lighting Design Concepts in Tustin, CA; Best Light Fixtures for Bedroom, Bathroom & Kitchen

If you are building or remodeling a new home or office you may have started to think about what you are going to do with your lighting. When lighting first crosses your mind you may mistakenly think that there is not that much to think about. As you start looking at lighting more though you may start to feel overwhelmed and under-educated on how to make decisions for your home or office. Luckily Peterkin Electric is here to help!

Lighting Fixture Studies

First try not to be overwhelmed by lighting design. Start by being curious about lighting. Many people that are in the process of building or remodeling find it helpful to simply starting paying attention to lighting wherever they go. Every home or office you walk into make a point to notice their lighting. As you do this you will start to see what you like and what you do not like when it comes to lighting. You may want to start taking some pictures of lighting options that you really like. As you start looking at lighting more consciously you will notice that different lighting is used for different spaces. Every different room in your home serves it own purpose. That purpose will help determine what type of lighting is best for that room.

Best Lighting for Bedroom Ceiling

When you begin thinking about the lighting in your bedroom you will want to think about how you utilize that space most. Some people use their bedroom throughout the day while other people really only go in their room to sleep. You will want to consider whether or not you read in bed; if you are going to have a TV in your room; if you like to wake up to natural light; and if your room serves dual purposes. If you have your office or craft room in your bedroom you will want to think about how that will affect the lighting you choose. Most of the time bedrooms will use many different lighting options to achieve the desired outcome. You will want to consider overhead lighting, lamps, wall fixtures, and more for your bedroom.

Bathroom Lighting Guide

One of the most helpful things that you can do when evaluating lighting for your bathroom is to sit in your current bathroom and think about what your biggest frustration you have when using your bathroom is. Most people find that they have a repeated irritation with the lighting in their bathroom. The good news is that it is easy to fix once you pinpoint the problem. You may want to consider if you need better or different lighting for when you do your hair or makeup; if you want to have any accent lighting; and if you want lighting to be part of your decorative statement.

Kitchen Lighting Layout

If you are like most families you spend a lot of hours in your kitchen every day. Most people use their kitchens to cook, eat, work and gather. You will want to think about what your family utilizes your kitchen for. When we work with customers who absolutely love to cook they typically want well-let prep spaces and a bright pantry. Families that use their kitchen as a place to study love to add some task lighting to their kitchen. Just like your bedroom, you will likely need multiple different types of lighting for your kitchen.

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After you have spent time getting curious about what you want the lighting throughout your home for it will be easier to start choosing lighting options. Here at Peterkin Electric we find that our consultants are able to find lighting solutions much quicker when you have already thought about these concepts. If you are ready for us to come out and start helping you with your lighting design give us a call today.

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