List of Best Smart Technology Home Automation, Hub & Devices in Newport Beach, CA

Many people want to fight changes in technology but if you want to save money in your home this technology can be beneficial, and you don’t have to be millionaire to do it! There are home devices available to get you saving energy and money. Whether they offer minute savings or massive ones, any money saved is a good thing!

Smart Home Gadgets & Products You Need in Your Home!

1. Smart Thermostat. The largest energy costs in your home are in heating and cooling it. A great investment is a smart thermostat that start at $100. These thermostats determine your preferences and will optimize the comfort in your home by working with outdoor temperatures and humidity from season to season. These thermostats have apps that you can use to control it. Some models will even track your family’s comings and goings through smartphones to adjust temperatures in the home.
2. Smart Outlets. These replace standard outlets and start at $25. These can work through apps or home voice operated devices to schedule the times you want outlets on and off. This allows for more efficient operation of fans, humidifiers, lamps, coffee makers, water heaters, etc.
3. Smart Plugs. Smart plugs are plugs that can be inserted into existing outlets. There’s no need for re-wiring and they start at $11.
4. Light Occupancy Sensor Switch. These switches are great for homes where lights are left on all the time. These replace standard light switches in your home and work by sensing when family members enter or leave rooms and will turn lights on and off as needed. Some will detect natural light and save more money. These start at $10 and are great for places where light switches are sometimes hard to find.
5. Smart Wi-Fi Switch. This device allows you to operate fixtures from anywhere by using your smartphone/device.
6. Smart LED Light Bulbs. LED lightbulbs use up to 75% less energy than regular lightbulbs and smart lightbulbs are even better. They cost $10+ and can turn off, dim or even change color with home voice operated devices.
7. Smart Surge Protector. Starting at $20, smart surge protectors fight energy vampires when they’re not being used. Video games, entertainment devices and more can all be safe from surges and energy vampires with an app and home voice operated devices to prevent unnecessary energy expenses.
8. Smart Blinds. The summer months direct sunlight in your home can can add heat and put extra pressure on your air conditioning system. Smart blinds start at $150 and are a great way to lower the pressure on your air conditioner by closing blinds automatically when a pre-set temperature is reached. They can also be adjusted by setting up a schedule.
9. Smart Sprinkler Controller. Money can be saved by installing smart sprinkler controllers to cut back on water use by 50%! To optimize the savings, use weather data and programmed information for the watering needs of your yard. These sprinkler controllers don’t let a drop of water go to waste and start at $95.

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Smart home devices are a great way to save energy and money. Contact Peterkin Electric to find out about all the ways you can start saving today!

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