New Home Electrical Upgrades that Add Value in Anaheim, CA; Rewiring a Whole House & More

If your home is in need of a few electrical updates but you’re not sure where to start, Peterkin Electric has a few suggestions. There are many aspects of an electrical system that often wears down or becomes outdated. To help ensure that your home is outfitted with the best and most efficient modern electrical systems and that your home is properly protected from electrical fires, here are the top considerations for electrical upgrades for your home.

Rewiring a Whole House

Outdated wiring is often prone to overheating which leads to frequent tripping of the breakers. Additionally when a home’s wiring becomes aged, it is considered to be a hazard. Often the protective plastic covering can crack or shrink over time. This exposes the wiring and can cause electrical fires. Another major consideration when rewiring a home is if the home has had a rodent problem. Rats and mice will chew on electrical wiring which, needless to say, leads to electrical fires or loss of power through certain areas of the home. Rewiring your home with modern wiring can also help prevent overloading your home’s appliances and prevent blowing out fuses in the electrical panel.

Replace Electrical Service Panel

Another major upgrade you should consider is updating the electrical panel. The electrical panel’s job is to control the incoming power and protect the home from power surges. They are also designed to protect a home from electrical fires and tripping breakers when overheating occurs. Modern electrical panels can better control incoming energy and help save money while preventing extra power loss. The electrical panel is essential to a home’s electrical system and should be updated.

Adding Whole House Surge Protectors

If a surge protector isn’t already present in the home, then consider adding one. Power surges are a common problem that causes overheating and can even damage sensitive electronics in the home. Power surges often cause sparks to occur in outlets and will burn up the electrical devices that are attached. Surge protection is becoming more and more encouraged to help protect homes from this unprotected phenomenon that can damage outlets and electrical devices.

Replace Electrical Outlets

One simple yet beneficial upgrade you can make to your home is changing out old outlets for modern more efficient outlets. One specific outlet is the GFCI outlet that is found in bathrooms or in moist areas such as the kitchen and laundry rooms. Since moisture and electricity don’t mix well, all homes and commercial buildings are installed with GFCI outlets that have the added protection against moisture. However, eventually moisture does take its toll on GFCI outlets and they should be replaced and/or upgraded to ensure safety.

Replace Old Appliances

One suggestion that doesn’t involve your home’s electrical system is replacing appliances. Old HVAC systems, washing machines and dryers require much more power and can also cause overload especially in older wiring or electrical systems. If your goal is to save more energy to help reduce your power bill, then begin replacing older appliances that have poor efficiency.

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