Is it Normal for an Electrical Outlet to Feel Hot or Warm to the Touch in Aliso Viejo, CA?

If you walk around your home each room has an outlet on just about every wall. They are there to help with using the electricity in your life. This is anything from charging your cell phone, running your appliances or plugging in a television. There are many ways that we use these outlets and when there is something that is wrong with one of them it can be a problem. One of the common complaints that electricians get is that the outlet is warm or hot to the touch after it is used. It might even stay warm to the touch long after you are done using it. If you notice that any of your outlets are warm to the touch it is a sign that there is a problem. You want to make sure that you find what the problem is and what you can do to repair it.

Peterkin Electric Explains Why an Electrical Outlet Might Feel Hot or Warm to The Touch

What is the Electrical Outlet Used For?: If you notice that your outlet is hot to the touch you want to look at what the outlet is being used for. Do you use the outlet for the same items all the time like a phone charger or a lamp? Each outlet is geared up to output a certain amount of voltage which you should take into account when you are using a specific outlet. If you are plugging in several things that are using more electricity than the outlet can handle it may become warm to the touch. You also want to be sure that you are not plugging too many things in at the same time either. Overloading the outlet can overload the entire circuit and that will trip the breaker. The best way to find out if the outlet is being overused and that is the reason for the heat is to unplug everything. You can wait about an hour and then check again to see if the outlet is still warm. If it is cooled off it can be due to overuse of the outlet.
Is there an Electrical Circuit Overload?: If you notice that an outlet is warm to the touch and you don’t have anything plugged in, it can be a different problem. The outlet is not lopped to a single breaker but it is part of a larger loop. Usually there are several outlets and other electrical devise that are linked to the same circuit. If you overload one part of the circuit like an outlet it can lead to other outlets getting warm too. You can check what is part of that circuit by flipping the breaker and testing the outlets to see if it is linked to another overloaded outlet.
What Can You Do To Repair A Warm Outlet?: Once you have figured out which outlet is to blame you can look at what repair is needed. Sometimes it is as simple as not overloading the outlet. Other issues can be that the outlet can be damaged and might need to be replaced with a new outlet. If the problem is with the wiring it can require further work that leads to replacing some of the wiring as well. Call a professional electrician out to inspect the hot outlet and make any necessary repairs.

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