Permanent Extension Cords in Huntington Beach, CA? Is it Safe to Leave Them Plugged In?

The season has changed and that means that the holidays are fast approaching. The season is great for family dinners, decorating and enjoying time with the people that you love. The start of the season coincides with the change in the weather. That is what makes the season so much more enjoyable. You can snuggle in your favorite boots and sweater while you are cooking your best feast. The time is also used for people to show off all their decorations that can extend from the house and the yard as well. The energy that you use during the holiday season usually jumps up from all the extras that are plugged in during the season. The way that most people do that is with lights, blowup characters and so much more. You will need to use the outlets in your house that often get used too fast and that can send you out for extension cords. You want to be careful about using these cords to make sure that you are safe.

Peterkin Electric Offers Extension Cord Safety Tips

Why Can’t You Plug an Extension Cord into Another?: When you are looking to plug in something that needs access to electricity you often need the assistance of an extension cord. This is a great option but you want to make sure that you know what length is needed. One mistake that some people make is to take an extension cord and when it doesn’t reach the point they just add a second extension cord. When you add a second cord to the first one you are overloading the cord which will create heat. The heat is what will cause a fire hazard as the cord is snaked through the house or the yard. You want to make sure that you get the length that you need the first time.
Extension Cord Gauge & Wattage: Did you know that the extension cords that you are using have a rating. The rating is on them as a way to understand how much wattage the cord can handle. There are some appliances that you need to plug in or use that will need to have access to a larger standard wattage. When you overload a cord you are creating heat that will lead to a house fire. Be sure that you understand the rating and what the item you are plugging in needs.
Secure Extension Cords: It can be difficult when using extension cords because you are trying to reach an outlet that seems to far away. A mistake that some people make is they let the cord run across an area that people will be walking by and not securing the cord. The cord that you are using should be secured into place and snaked around so that they are not a tripping hazard. You can use tape and other adhesives to protect the cord and the people that are walking around.

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