Power Plug Types in Laguna Hills, CA; GFCI, AFCI, Switched, Smart Electricity Outlets & More

When you consider electrical updates or upgrades many people never consider outlets and even if they do, most people don’t realize all of their options. There are many different types of outlets you can install in your home. Some outlets are modern marvels while others enhance safety. When considering electrical upgrades Peterkin Electric will share some of the top outlets that you should know about and consider installing in your home.

GFCI and AFCI Outlets

GFCI and AFCI outlets are installed to ensure safety and are mandatory in certain areas of the home. GFCI and AFCI or dual GFCI/AFCI outlets are used in areas near water. They are installed near sinks and showers etc. in bathrooms, the kitchen and occasionally in laundry rooms and garages. If an electrical device comes in contact with water, these outlets are designed to shut off. This helps prevent electrocution which can cause serious harm and death. When a massive electrical current surges through the circuit caused by water or humidity, the outlet will short circuit which again shuts off or trips the breaker to prevent fires. GFCI and AFCI are essential and are required and cannot be replaced in certain areas in the home.

Switched & 20 Amp Outlets

A switched outlet is similar to that of a common light switch. However these switched outlets are not used to control light but more for appliances such as the water heater, HVAC system and other appliances within the home. When you need to replace or repair a large appliance you often need to locate the breaker and switch off the breaker to that circuit. For easier access to the power to appliances many homeowners are installing these switched outlets which cut off the power to the appliance versus the entire circuit. Switched 20 amp outlets are better since they are an outlet that can supply up to 20 amps versus the piratical 15 amp outlets which are better suited for larger appliances.

Smart Electricity Outlet

Everyone want a “Smart Home” where they install garage door openers, door locking systems, security, lighting, and thermostats that can be controlled with a touch of button. For those who love investing in smart home technology, why not install smart outlets? Yes, there are smart outlets that can be controlled with your phone as well as an automation hub. These smart outlets give you the control to turn off the power to your home outlets at any time. This can help save energy. For example, you can program when power flows into your home coffee make or entertainment system without worrying about electrical parasites draining your power needlessly.

USB Wall Outlets

More and more modern devices use USB cords as an alternate charging option. USB’s are very versatile whether they are used for data, or as a charge port. Phones, tablets and iphones often use USB ports so why not install a USB outlet for more convenient charging stations for all of your small devices? USB outlets are popular in offices, bedrooms and living rooms.

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