Precautions for How to Protect Electric Shock in Your Kitchen, Home or Workplace in Santa Ana, CA

Reports from the Electrical Safety Foundation International tell us there are about 30,000 electrical shocks, mostly non-fatal, each year. Preventing electrical shock can be quite easy for those who learn the basics about electricity and who follow the basic steps of safety. Peterkin Electric will share some basic electrical safety tips and how you can make your home safer.

Electric Shock Prevention Tips

Install Outlet Plugs – Especially those with younger kids, you can enhance your home’s safety simply by installing outlet plugs. These plugs cover the outlets which keep little ones from sticking small objects inside the outlet. These plugs also keep dust and other smaller debris out which helps prevent sparks.
Use Correct Voltages and Wattage – When light bulb wattage is too high it can cause the lights to short circuit. In turn, you will run the risk of an electrical fire. The light bulb socket on the light fixture usually will contain the wattage rating. Never exceed the wattage rating. This will greatly help your home’s safety. Always use a bulb that is equal or less than the wattage rating.
Replace Damaged Fixtures – If a light fixture gets damaged, especially the sockets or wiring, it can become an electrical hazard and danger. When wiring gets damaged or burned from repeated short circuiting, they become more increasingly dangerous, including the light switches themselves. Light fixtures, outlets and light switches should be inspected and replaced as they become damaged. This will prevent short circuiting and sparks which can help make the home safer.
Power and Extension Cord Safety – When you need to use a power or even an extension cord, this can pose a few safety concerns. First they can cause people to trip and fall. This is why it is important to have them out of the way, under a mat or rug, or secured to the side of a wall or edge. You will want to make sure no one can trip over them or be in a place pets can chew the wires. Additionally, inspect the end as well as the entire length of the cord and look for any exposed wires. Also, look at the end of the plug. If it looks burnt, you may want to avoid using it.
Prevent Electrical Overloading – Avoid overloading an outlet. Many people will plug in multiple electrical devices or appliances into a single outlet or circuit. This will cause overloading which will make the circuit trip frequently. This is also dangerous. This can cause the plugs or outlet to overheat and the material around the outlet can begin to burn leading to a fire. Attempt to spread your appliances and devices out as much as possible to help prevent overloading.
Electrical Safety and Water – The bathroom, laundry room, kitchen and pool areas will have standing water for short to extended period of times. Never have electrical devices such as hair driers, radios and electrical appliances near the sink, tub or pool. Water and electricity is a death sentence. Never have electrical devices near any water at any time.

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Peterkin Electric wants everyone to be safe, especially around electricity. Remember some of these basic safety tips. For all of your electrical needs, contact Peterkin Electric today!

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