Residential & Commercial Electrical Inspection & Maintenance Checklist in Anaheim, CA

Why would someone want their home electrical service checked annually? Well there are some benefits for the home, perhaps it is even more important if you’re a business owner. The problem is that when the electrical gremlins rear their ugly heads is usually when an emergency occurs, and by their very nature emergencies never occur when it is convenient, usually at the worst possible time. Annual maintenance inspections can prevent these incidents from becoming full fledged emergencies. Consider the following:
Electrical Fires. Many fires are electrically created disasters of the first magnitude. Outdated wiring or electrical fixtures are high on the list of electrically started fires. Certain mechanical aspects of your electrical systems are seldom considered, as both switches and outlets are subject to mechanical wear.
Overloading of circuits. This is an ongoing problem with the plethora of electrical devices with their chargers and transformers.
US Electrical Code. This code changes on the average of every three years or so. Some items don’t apply to ‘best standards’ and are out of date or just plain risky. Outdated and overloaded fixtures and circuits are common problem with more computer, game consoles and communication and entertainment devices spreading throughout your home. Businesses have experienced the expansion of electronic devices with every peripheral demanding it’s own outlet and power access.
Useful Life of Electronics. Any electrical problems can contribute to premature failure of all those expensive electronic devices. A healthy electrical system contributes to the long life of our electronics.
Commercial Property Inspection. Business property owners should order an inspection before the property is leased. Saves on headaches and aspirin.
o Outlets. An inspection and test of the circuits will reveal heat damaged outlets, water damage and other likely considerations. Also, the test will make sure they work.
o Breakers. Loose wiring, sparking are all red flags. Scorch or burnt marks along wires and if fuses are present, they should be examined.
o Overload. Not just a catchy song from Dirty Dancing, but a common problem with home and business wiring circuits. Overloads are a common cause of electrical circuit failure, fire and damaged equipment.
o Code Compliance. Building code, including electrical are more stringent with business properties and the property owner is responsible for compliance.

Electrical Maintenance Checklist

Electrical maintenance covers all aspects of testing, monitoring, fixing and replacing electrical components of the electrical system. Items covered are:
• Digital communications account for a major implementation for the typical business as more transactions are digital in nature. Many businesses rely heavily on their digital communications to perform even the most routine of transactions. Phones and networking account for most of installed low voltage wiring in a business.
• Electrical machines include fans, mechanical equipment, pencil sharpeners, printers and other peripherals.
• Many businesses rely on backup, standby or emergency generators to provide power in areas that have reliable power delivery problems. Some spread out operations rely on parallel power stations to supplement line power on large spread out operations. The systems need to be checked at least biannually.
• Hydraulic and Pneumatics control ventilation and water delivery systems and rely on electrical power to drive the pumps and compressors in HVAC, elevator doors and other areas of demand.
• Surge protection, a needed item with the ‘dirty power’ that is prevalent in some areas of the US.
• Lighting systems are important, and they need to be reliable.
• Every electronics, communications system, fire alarms and smoke detectors, being electronic they must transform AC line power to DC device power. Electronics operate on DC power.
• In manufacturing there is an increased reliance on electronics to control both data collection and machinery processes. Failure can lead to expensive down time or data loss.

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One challenge to the maintenance technician is electrical wiring. It is in the walls and covered. Thermal imaging and other technologies aid in troubleshooting and repair of temperamental electrical systems. Call a pro today, make sure your electrical system is up to task. Peterkin Electric can handle all your electrical wiring needs!

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