Signs You Need to Call an Electrician in Aliso Viejo, CA; Fuses Keep Blowing, Circuit Breaker Tripping & More

When it comes to minor electrical problems, die hard DIY’ers can navigate their way through a variety of issues although many of them are unaware of how dangerous electricity can be in inexperienced hands. When it comes to the electrical systems in your home or business there are literally hundreds of things that can malfunction and repairing or replacing them incorrectly can be damaging to your health and your pocket book. The knowledgeable experts at Peterkin Electric recommend contacting them for assistance and have provided the following top five reasons to call for one of their experienced electricians.

When Do You Need an Electrician

1. Fuses keep blowing & circuit breaker tripping: If your electrical circuit-breakers trip on a regular basis your circuit breakers are drawing more current than they can safely handle which could indicate a dangerous fault on one or more of your circuits.
2. Flickering lights: have you begun to notice that your lights are flickering on and off on a more and more regular basis? There are a number of reasons that this could be happening including too many appliances operating simultaneously putting undue stress on your system. Contact your Peterkin Electric electrician for professional diagnostics and repairs.
3. Warm switches & outlets: Switches and power points that are warm to the touch may indicate an excessive demand on your circuits. If you notice any blackening on the switch plate or nearby wall it could indicate a serious and dangerous problem and should be inspected and repaired immediately to avoid fires and other mishaps.
4. Outlets that lack three prong grounded plugs: if you live in an older home and the majority of your power outlets do not have the capacity to hold three prong grounded plugs the electrical system in your home is probably not grounded property which puts you and your family members at risk. Your Peterkin Electric electrician will inspect your electrical system and make the necessary upgrades to ensure that it is safe and secure.
5. Overloaded electrical outlets: if the power points and outlets in your home are overloaded with plugs you are most certainly putting too much pressure on your electrical system. To reduce the load on your outlets along with the risk of short circuits and electric shock, contact Peterkin Electric for immediate assistance.

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Unless you live in a home that was built in the last couple of years or so, it is very likely that your electrical system needs some upgrading or in some cases a complete overall. New electrical codes are designed to make homes and businesses safe and secure and it’s very important that you stay ahead of these changes to ensure that your electrical system can keep up with the ever changing needs of your family and business. To learn more about electrical inspections, repairs, replacements and upgrades for your Greater Orange County, California home or business, contact the knowledgeable experts at Peterkin Electric today.

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