Types of Light Bulbs & Color Temperatures in Laguna Woods, CA; Daylight, Warm, Cool & More

Here at Peterkin Electric we love helping people pick out the lighting that will suit their home the best. We switch out lighting fixtures frequently. We also add additional lighting on a regular basis. Working with our customers to add the preferred amount of lighting is a task that we thoroughly enjoy. As we help our customers pick out and install the perfect light fixtures we are regularly asked what kind of light bulbs they should install in their fixtures. Today we are going to take some time to go over some of the popular choices on the market today.

Light Bulb Types

For years there was only one light bulb option available. Now there are lots of different types of light bulbs that you can choose from. We are going to review your light bulb options for you and give you some information about all of them.
Incandescent: Incandescent light bulbs were the first type of light bulb invented. For years they were the most commonly used light bulb but in recent years this trend is beginning to change. They are the least expensive type of light bulb.
Halogen: Halogen light bulbs are a variation of incandescent bulbs. They are more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. Frequently people use halogen light bulbs in under-cabinet lighting, pendant lighting, and recessed lighting.
Fluorescent: Fluorescent light bulbs give off a flat, cold light. It frequently has a bluish tinge to it and appears very harsh. They are regularly used in work areas, basements, or attics.
Compact Fluorescent Bulbs: This type of bulb is commonly referred to as CFLs. CFLs can be used in any area. They are extremely energy efficient. CFLs do have a small amount of mercury in them so you need to be careful when to prevent breakage.
Light-Emitting Diode: You probably know this type of light bulb as LED lighting. LED lighting is becoming more and more popular each year. LED lights are long-lasting and extremely energy efficient. They started out rather expensive to purchase but as time goes the price is coming down on LED lighting.

Daylight, Warm or Cool Light

In addition to the different type of light bulbs that you will purchase, you will also need to decide what type of light you want in your home. All color has a color temperature. This temperature is calculated in Kelvins. We are going to talk about the different types on the market.
Warm Light: Warm light is between 2700-3000 Kelvin. It has an orange/yellow hue to it. It is a relaxing light that helps people calm down.
Cool Light: Cool light is 3000-5000 Kelvin. Cool light on the 3000 Kelvin end will have a yellow-white hue to it. When it gets closer to the 5000 Kelvin rating it has a blue-white hue.
Daylight: Daylight is 5000-6500 Kelvin. Daylight bulbs range from blue-white hues to bright blue hues. This type of light helps people be wakeful, productive, attentive, and improves mood.

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Take some time to think about what kind of light bulbs you want to install in your home. If you would like some input our electricians here at Peterkin Electric would be happy to answer any questions you might have as we are helping you with your lighting installation.

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