Types of Residential Security Lighting Systems in Irvine, CA; Motion Sensors, Smart Timers & More

Locks securely fastened on the windows and doors are just the basics when it comes to the security of your home. With so many break-ins becoming more common, many homeowners are investing in security systems that include an alarm and even surveillance, but many homeowners would do good to add security lighting systems to enhance the overall safety and security of their home and loved ones. Considering that, we at Peterkin Electric would like to shine the light on security lighting systems for your home.

Home Security Lighting Systems

Garage doors and entryways especially, lend toward improving the safety and security of your home as you increase the lighting around the exterior of your home. You can frequently deter the opportunists who consider breaking into your home simply by investing in the additional security lighting system. It lightens up the path for the occupants and approved visitors to easily find their way inside in addition to the enhanced safety and security the security lighting system offers. By avoiding many spills and injuries by lighting the way the safety of others is increased and it helps those looking to unlock the doors more ease. Another benefit is the improved aesthetics the lighting offers when investing in the security lighting system.

More Efficient Surveillance

Along with bringing light to shadows and improving the visibility, an outdoor lighting system can significantly increase the effectiveness of the surveillance system. Many high-quality videos were rendered useless simply due to poor lighting. In the event you have installed a surveillance system it is ideal that the areas that are being monitored be well-lit at night to improve the quality of footage.

Types of Security Lighting; Motion Sensors, Smart Timers, Flood Lights & More

Motion Sensor Lighting: The motion sensors, comprised of passive infrared technology, are capable of detecting motion. With the sudden burst of bright illumination as people pass, prowlers may be taken back and flea the areas to avoid being seen as well as you giving you warning someone is moving around nearby.
Smart Timers: Those inclined to break into someone’s home is less likely to do it when someone is home. One of the many purposes of the security lighting is to provide the illusion the home is occupied when no one is there. By setting all of your security lighting on a timer so that it turns on and off at specified times, you can achieve that goal. Not only is this ideal for the exterior lighting, but consider incorporating to the interior lighting as well.

Lighting Design Strategy Basics

When it comes to lighting placement, many homeowners are at a loss. The idea is to increase the visibility in the darkness; concentrate on lighting up all dark, shadowed areas around your home, including the nooks and crannies and the entry points of your home. Below you will find some examples of increasing the exterior lighting to improve security.
Lighting placement on sides of the home: Frequently in neighborhoods brick walls divide property lines. These areas offer more cover, especially so as they are generally dark and only dully lit from a window. Add the security lights to reduce opportunity.
Garage lighting placement: Motion-sensor activated security lights are commonly installed above the garage door or driveway because when properly adjusted, the lights will turn on whenever a vehicle or person enters your driveway. Giving residents safety to reach the door as well as offering warning when someone is close.
Lighting around doorways and porches: For occupants trying to get into the home safely, increasing the lighting around the front and back door porches and doors can give double lighting.

Professional Security Lighting Installation

With professional installation, the quality is a considerable difference compared to the DIY kits available for consumers. The DIY kits are of low-grade quality and if improperly connected to a sufficient power source can in ineffective or even a hazard. The lighting system is connected to a reliable power source with knowing professionals and the quality of the equipment is of high-grade.

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When it comes time to install the security lighting system for your home, call in the pros of Peterkin Electric and let our experts take care of the rest.

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