What Appliance Uses the Most Electricity in the House in Anaheim, CA; Air Conditioner & More

Your home is a place that is full of functionality and comfort. This is all done because your home has systems that are part of them that help bring in running water, plumbing, gas and electricity. These are all things that make your home easy to live in and to enjoy. The each bring a particular aspect to living that we all love and enjoy. When it comes to the electricity we need to have this for many of the things that we don’t need but we love to use. You need electricity to charge your smart phone, power up your television and keep the lights burning bright. The electricity in your house also runs all the appliances that make comfort and chores much easier. Most people wonder about the energy bill and why it changes or is higher than the water or gas bill. The reason is the appliance that are being used. Peterkin Electric outlines what appliances are using the most electricity in your home.

How Much Electricity Does a Central Air Conditioner Use?

One of the appliances that are a part of the house and bring in a huge level of comfort is the air conditioner. The AC unit is cooling the home down in the hot summer months and keeping the house at a temperature that you choose. The fact is that running your air conditioning unit is one way that your energy bill will go up. The unit does need to pull a quite a lot of electricity to get the large unit to run and to push the air through the house. You will notice that when you switch your HVAC unit from warming the house to cooling it that the energy that you are using will go way up.

Hot Water Heater Electric Bill

Another appliance that is on the list is the water heater. This is an appliance that is warming up the water that you want to use in your house. It is stored in a tank and as it depletes the water is filled back up and of course warmed back up. The process happens to repeat over and over as you use water. That means when you do a load of white clothes, run the dishwasher and of course take a shower. These are all things that use the warmed water and then it needs to go again. If you have a water heater that is using electricity it can end up sending your bill up especially if it is not working efficiently.

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Clothes Dryer

The last appliance that is on the list of the dryer that you use for your clothes. The reason is that the dryer is creating heat and sometimes it uses electricity to do that. The dryer also creates heat that will get in the house and that in turn causes the AC to work overtime. The dryer is using electricity as well as being the reason that the air conditioner has to work more.

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