What are the Benefits of Outdoor Lighting for Your Business in Laguna Woods, CA? Improved Safety & More

Running a successful business involves many different aspects and it is up to the owner to ensure they are all met. Friendly customer service, impressive displays, well marketed products or services, and an attractive presentation of both the inside and outside of your business are a few of the primary tasks of owners and management generally. Most do not realize this applies to how your exterior appears in the darkness, unfortunately. People feel safer in the dark and light plays an important role for people to find the establishment, making light more necessary than people might first assume. We at Peterkin Electric would like to elaborate on the importance of commercial’s exterior lighting, especially with LED lighting with this in mind.

Lighting Gets Your Business Noticed

LED lights will brighten up a space since it has an increased illuminating power. As they are especially helpful for your visitors to find your place in the dark, having enough lighting help you get noticed. Your walk-in customers are also attracted to the bright LED lights and people will subconsciously notice your location for further reference or to currently indulge now.

Does Lighting Improve Safety & Security?

Being highly beneficial as a safety measure, ensuring your surroundings and parking lot are well lit is critical. Staff members and customers are both left feeling more secure and comfortable walking in and out of the commercial space. To take advantage of low visibility and their victim’s insecurities of the dark, criminals look for poorly lit areas. When your parking lot, sidewalks, and the direct exterior of building having plenty of LED lighting, you can potentially reduce the crimes that can occur.

Are LED Lights Good for Outdoor Use?

Switching to LED lights on the exterior offers some advantages that includes the following list below in addition to visitor’s staff feeling safer as your establishment being well-lit.
– Since LED arrays, induction lamps, and drives are easily replaced without tools, maintenance is simpler.
– Your give your lamps a longer life than standard bulbs and they do not need as much maintenance because LED lights provide up to 100,000 hours.
– Where LED lights the fixtures have an instant start up, standard lamps take a time to restart following a power outage, which significantly minimizes a dark commercial exterior.
– LED lights allow businesses on a budget to retrofit new fixtures that can be applied to existing poles and mounts as they have flexible design.
– Making them ideal outdoors, LED light fixtures are shock and vibration resistant.
– In addition to reducing the negative impact on the environment, LED lights does not use nearly as much energy.
– By preventing the dust, pollution on other residues from accumulating with LED lights are sealed in an industrial-strength case that minimizes light depreciation.
– With the LED’s consistent temperature and light intensity, the fixture’s lifespan is longer and easier to care for.

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To help enhance the commercial property exterior with better lit parking lots, sidewalks, and building to help you with the overall success of your business, Peterkin Electric provides lighting consultations with our design specialists. Your commercial space’s exterior will be well-lit for you, customers, and employees to significantly benefit from with the use of LED lights and Peterkin Electric professionals. Call us today!

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