What Does an Electrical Inspection Entail in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA? Checking Wiring in Old House & More

Do you know if your home needs an electrical inspection? Most homeowners will not know how to answer this question. If their electrical system is working fine, most homeowners won’t believe they need an electrical inspection. However, this is a major misconception which can have serious consequences. There are times a home needs an electrical inspections and never gets one. It is important to know what can compromise an electrical system and when it is a very good idea to have the home inspected. Peterkin Electric will share different situations that calls for an electrical inspection.

Need to Update Electrical Wiring in Old House

The age of a home can be enough reason to have the electrical system inspected. Nothing is designed to last forever. Electrical wiring can degrade over time along with other electrical components. Some older homes may also not be up to code and there are a number of electrical hazards in your home. For example, many older homes will have regular outlets in the bathroom, next to sinks and other water features. It is now required for any outlet near water a feature to have a GFCI outlet which increases electrical safety. Other older homes may have aluminum wiring which was widely used to help reduce the cost of the electrical system. Aluminum wire is known to be less safe and can overheat more easily. If the home is older than 25 years, it is strongly encouraged that you have the electrical system inspected to ensure reliability and safety.

Recent Pest Activity is a Sign You Need an Electrical Inspection

If the home has had recent pests, mainly mice or rats, your electrical system could have major damages. Both mice and rats will chew electrical wiring inside the walls if they can access it. Rodents will chew wiring because of the exterior plastic coating which is made with a natural oil that rodents mistake for something good to eat. If mice or rats were or are present inside the home, it is not a matter of “if” they chewed on the wiring, it is “where” did they chew on the wiring? An electrical inspection can help locate where mice or rats have chewed on electrical wiring and help to repair or replace the chewed wiring. If you have had recent rodent problems it is best to be safe rather than sorry. Make sure to have the home electrical system inspected to prevent a possible fire.

Electrical Inspection After Flood or Water Damage

If the home has had a recent flood or major water damage, and the electrical system was exposed, this is or could become a major hazard. Water can cause corrosion on outlets, light switches, and on the circuit panel. Water can get in the wiring and underneath the protective plastic. Water and electricity is a bad combination. Water can have long term damage and can pose a problem. If your home has flooded or the electrical system has been exposed to water either due to a storm or bad plumbing, have the electrical system inspected to ensure the safety of the home.

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