What Happens when You Get an Electric Shock from a Plug in Buena Park, CA? Electrical Safety Tips & More

Electricity is often the wonder in many people, such as the speed electricity travels. Though few know how fast is fast when it comes to electricity, most understand that electricity is fast. Electricity is a fascinating topic for the old and young alike. Today, we at Peterkin Electrical would like to continue on some important safety tips to keep yourself and others safe around household electricity.

Electricity is Speed of Light

Though we can confirm that the electromagnetic waves of electricity travel at nearly the speed of light, which is 670,616,629 miles per hour, we will have to take their word that superman is as fast as the speed of light. It can be hard to know really know how fast this is since it doesn’t mean much to the layman. You could travel around Earth eight times in the time it takes someone to flip on a light switch if you were as fast as electricity is a good example to understand how this is.

What Happens when You Get an Electric Shock from a Plug?

Because the speed that electricity travels is so fast, the effects of electricity are immediate once you come in contact with it. There is no chance you can avoid the shock due to the speed though you may think you can pull away from an electrical shock to avoid injury. The muscles will tighten as if they are physically unable to let go or release from the source when a person comes in direct contact with a strong electrical current, such as from a live household wire. Even touching someone who is being shocked is highly dangerous since you can pull you into the electrical circuit. The human body is a strong conductor of electricity since electricity flows quickly through water, and the human body is composed of 70% water.

Electrical Safety Precautions when Using Electricity

Though it is fast, and amazing and it is still vital to know how to stay safe from common electrical dangers as electricity is incredibly important in our daily lives. When you around electricity, below are a few tips to be more knowledgeable and safe.
1) Too many devices being plugged in one outlet or one extension cord should be avoided. If you do plug in too many devices, damage to your electrical system and could lead to a fire.
2) Secure electrical cords out of the way to prevent pets or babies from chewing on the cord.
3) If you have infants or young children, install child-proof outlets in your home.
4) Gently pull electrical cords from the wall at the plug as opposed to yanking the cord out of the wall. When they are consistently being pulled, the wires inside the cord can fray and pose a shock risk.
5) Be aware of nearby electrical power lines prior to climbing a ladder or a tree before using chainsaws or other equipment.
6) When people use electricity too close to water is when most accidents occur, so be sure to keep electrical items away from water.
7) Call a licensed electrician to keep people safe, avoid damage, and ensure long-term efficiency if you are troubleshooting electrical outlets or wiring in your home.

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