What to Do when the Power Goes Out During a Storm or Due to Damaged Transformer in Brea, CA

There are several reasons that you could be without power. One of the reasons is when there is a problem with the transformer that is near your home. When the transformer is damaged it can knock out power that is going to all the homes and businesses that are surrounding. You can also be without power if there is storm that comes through and knocks down power lines or damages a transformer. Lastly you can have a problem at your own specific house if your circuit board is fried or if the power bill has not been paid. No matter what the reason is behind the power outage at your house it can be a problem for many homeowners. If you do not have a backup generator that is installed at your house to cover it when this happens then you can be stuck in the dark. The power leaves you without power but there are still some things that you can use.

Peterkin Electric Lists What to Do when Power Goes Out in Whole House

You Can Use City Water During a Power Outage: There are lots of things that you are not able to do when the power goes out. You cannot use any of the lights and that will make the house quite dark. The home still has some things that still work when the power goes out. The water that is in the house is still able to work because it is a different utility than the water. The good news is that you can still flush your toilets and use the restroom while you are waiting for the power to come back on. You can also use the shower if you need to get ready for bed or work and even though the power is out you still have things that you need to do. You can use water from the sinks as well if you need them for any reason.
Landline Phones Work with No Electricity: It seems like everyone has a smart phone that is used for all their telephone use. The cell phones as long as they have a charged battery have nothing to do with the power. The problem is that if they run out of charge you are not able to make any calls if you need to. The great thing is that if you have an old school phone that you can plug into your home jack you are back on the grid. The phone has to be plugged into a jack and cannot be cordless. This is a great tool to have in your home for an emergency if the power does go out.
Use a Generator During a Power Outage: There are not a lot of things that you can use when you are without power but a way around that is to have a backup generator. This is something that is ran off of gas and can be started up to bring in some power to some of the home if needed. This can keep your food cold or some of the lights on while you are waiting for repairs.

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