What to Know About Installation of an Electric Car Charging Station in Your Home in Westminster, CA

When you are buying an electric car, you will also need to have a charging station installed in your home. Having a charging station is essential to power up your electrical car. There are different types or levels of charging stations. Some will require tapping into your home electrical system directly. To better understand how an electric car charging station works, Peterkin Electric would like to go into more detail about electrical car charging stations.

What are the Different Levels of Charging Stations?

There are three different types or levels of electric car charging stations. Each level has a designated purpose and some will require an electrician to install it. Following are the three levels of charging stations and their installation requirements:

Level 1 Electrical Car Charging Station

Level 1 electric car chargers is a simple device that you can plug into any 120 volt outlet. However, a level 1 charger is best kept in your vehicle so you can charger your vehicle when you are away from home. Additionally, a level 1 charger takes a longer period of time which doesn’t make them ideal for an ongoing charger. However, you do not need an electrician to install these since you simply just plug these chargers into an outlet.

Level 2 Electrical Car Charging Station

A level 2 charging station will need a 240 volt supply of electricity. As these chargers require more power, they can recharge the vehicle much faster. However, to install a level two charger, you will need an electrician. When installing a level 2 charger, the charger will need two 120 volt buses working together. This means you will need to install a double circuit voltage to supply the 240. Wiring will need to be added to the car’s designated charging station. The electrical work required to install a level 2 charger should be done by a licensed electrician. DIY installation is hazardous and must be done properly to ensure the electrical system is safe and charges the car. A level 2 charger can also be used for solar panels. For those with a solar power system, the charging station can be integrated with the solar system. However, you will want to invest in micro converters which will add to the cost of the installation. For an electrical car owner, you will want to invest in a level 2 charger for faster charging and a reliable vehicle.

Level 3 Electrical Car Charging Station

A level 3 charging station is often referred to as the DC fast chargers and is used mostly in commercial settings. A level 3 charging station can recharge an electrical car within 30 minutes. They are perfect for rest stops and commercial parking lots so your car can charge while you are at work or running errands. These systems must be installed by a licensed electrical service.

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If you have recently bought an electric car and you want to install your own level 2 charging station in your home, Peterkin Electric can help. We provide a wide range of electrical services including electrical car charging stations. For quality electrical services contact Peterkin Electric today.

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