Why Do My Light Bulbs Burn Out So Fast in Laguna Niguel, CA? Wrong Bulb, Loose Connection & More

As a homeowner you want to make sure you put some effort into taking care of your house. There are lots of tasks that have to be done to make sure the house is functioning and efficient. This can be taking time to update and remodel out of date rooms. It can be replacing appliances that are damaged or broken. It should also include being aware of things that are potentially going wrong and understanding why. One area that you want to keep a close eye on is the electrical system and the light bulbs in particular. They are a part of the house that does need your attention as they sometimes burn out faster than they were intended. When this happens you could have some problems that will need your immediate attention. Peterkin Electric outlines what is making your light bulbs burn out.

Loose Light Bulb from Moving Lighting Fixture

One of the reasons you may notice your light bulbs going out is from the fixture that they are attached to. If you have a fixture that is moving at all it can cause the filament in the light bulb to break. The most common fixture that creates this problem is a ceiling fan. The fan has to be installed in a proper way so that it is fully balanced. There should not be any shaking when it is running. If you notice that your ceiling fan lights are going out too soon it is best to have it inspected and repaired. Once that is done the light bulbs should last longer.

Need to Tighten Lamp Socket or Other Connection

Another problem that you might have is with the fixture again. You want to keep an eye on the light bulbs and if you see them flicker or they go out you want to have the fixture inspected. There has to be a full connection between the fixture and the bulb in order for it to work. When the connection is not tight the bulb will get bursts of energy and that will cause it to burn out.

What Happens if You Use the Wrong Light Bulb?

When you are putting a light bulb in a fixture you want to make sure you know what bulb the light source is able to use. The store has a plethora of lights that all offer different wattage. The watts means that is the amount of energy that is needed to produce light. If you use a bulb that has a low watts it can send too much energy and that will cause the bulbs very fine filament to burst and the bulb will no longer work. The best way to repair this problem is to make sure you know what bulb is best for your fixtures and only use that particular light in the space.

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