Why is My Hard Wired Smoke Detector Beeping for No Reason in Santa Ana, CA?

Have you ever been visiting a friend’s house and heard their smoke detector beeping in the background? This is an annoying sound that is supposed to be an annoyance so that it gets your attention. The smoke alarm has a job to do and it is a safety precaution for homeowners. The alarm is supposed to be installed in your home in certain areas of the home. The alarm should start to alert the members of a household when it detects smoke in the house. They have been known to save lives when a house happens to catch fire late in the night. The sleeping patrons will hear the loud alert and escape the house so that they can call out the fire department. That is why when they start to give that faint beep that happens every few minutes it can be annoying. The beep is something that some people will get used to rather than invest some time in fixing it. The problem is that the alarm may not work the way it was intended if it is not repaired.

Peterkin Electric Outlines Why a Hard Wired Smoke Detector is Chirping After New Back Up Battery

Back Up Battery is Bad: When you have a smoke detector or smoke alarm installed in your house you likely don’t watch the process. Smoke alarms are part of the code when it comes to dwellings. That means that the law requires the smoke alarms to be in the house and working properly. When you buy the house they then turn into your responsibility and you need to upkeep them. You might think that your alarms are hard wired into the house and that they should not have a battery. The fact is that all the alarms will also have a backup battery and when that starts to go bad the alarm will beep to let you know. If you hear beeping it is best to have the batteries replaced in not the one that is beeping but all the smoke alarms in the house.
Alarm is Dirty: Your house is susceptible to dirt and debris and nothing in the house is safe from the dust and dirt landing on it. That is why dusting the house is something that has to be done on a regular basis. The alarm is manufactured to be sensitive enough that it will pick up even trace amounts of smoke in the air. That means that anything even as small as dust can affect the ability of the alarm to work correctly. This dirt might cause the alarm to beep and it could be as simple as cleaning them off. Be sure to add that to your regular cleaning schedule.
Alarm is Bad or Electrical Wiring Problems: Lastly the problem can simply be that the alarm is worn out and you need to replace it. The alarm is not made to last forever and that means that every few years or when necessary they need to be taken out and replaced. When they go bad they can start to beep or even alert without any reason. Another reason your alarm is chirping could be due to a problem with the electrical wiring. Be sure to have them inspected or replaced by a professional to be sure that they are installed correctly.

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