Best Light Bulbs for Office Space in Aliso Viejo, CA; How to Improve Office Fluorescent Lighting

Most don’t realize the effect light has on us, but people are incredibly photo-sensitive believe it or not. The light and dark sets our body’s internal clock, which is determined by our Circadian rhythms. With these facts in mind, studies have proven the effects of the lighting in offices have on people and the impact of productivity. There are a number of benefits of having the proper lighting in your office and we at Peterkin Electric would like to share a few examples.

Lighting, Productivity & Happiness in the Office

1) Lighting for Aging Eyes: Generally, people’s vision is reduced as they age and consistently working in an environment with poor lighting escalates the degeneration. A minimum of 70 foot candles is required in order to work for some seasoned workers to see at their full potential.
2) Illumination Ergonomics: Indirect overhead lighting, natural lighting, and movable direct task lighting along with warm and cool lighting colors, all in the correct proportions constitutes excellent lighting design. With quality lighting contributing to the working environment, safe and comfortable working conditions are enhanced.
3) Good Lighting Improves Health: Epileptic seizures can be easily triggered with flickering fluorescent lighting. Not to mention illuminated areas influence positive moods as opposed to dull and darker areas.
4) Light Increases Productivity: To ensure the light is effective for productivity and alertness, different levels of lighting correlate with varied tasks. The minimum lighting for computer work, for example, is 50 foot-candles. The more lighting is required to essentially carry out the work safely the more complex a task is.
5) CFL & LED Bulbs Save Energy: Energy savings with CFL and LED bulbs along with other technological advances with the advantages a new lighting design offers that also improve the illuminating abilities can also lead to less energy consumption in your office.

Lighting Consultation & Audit

Consider investing in a professional lighting design inspection, especially if the building is 10 years old or more. An experienced electrician can assess the lighting design in your commercial space and inform you on the outdated aspects and ways the design can be improved to provide your office with exceptional lighting. For example, following the comprehensive inspection and measuring of the lighting design, the technician will not only suggest ideal improvements to upgrade your lighting design, but also the electrical systems, lighting fixtures, and outlets as well.

Best Lighting for Office Productivity

To ensure wakefulness and productivity throughout the office the commercial building must have the most optimal light available as we have emphasized. Offices are not the only commercial application to benefit from optimal lighting design, but retail entities are another example as with proper lighting produces increased shopping habits in consumers. The complex nature can be dangerous when the tasks are being completed, resulting in severe consequences if the lighting standard is not up to par.

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If you want to find ways to improve the electrical lighting to boost your commercial office with quality lighting, call Peterkin Electric and let our specialists evaluate the lighting system in your commercial building to see of it is lacking. Not only will you be able to begin enjoying the benefits of having improved lighting, but our experts will help you select the right design that is within your budget. Contact us today!

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