Can a Circuit Breaker Fail Without Tripping in Yorba Linda, CA? Loose Electrical Wiring, Tripped GFCI & More

When the lights go out, there are a host of solutions people try. Establishing there is still power is usually the first investigation. Once you know there is still power, people will double check the switch, assess the bulb if applicable, and when those seem not to be the suspect, the breaker is inspected. However, people are at a lost when the breaker is normal and hasn’t been tripped. If you are suspecting the worse, you can call call Peterkin Electric for troubleshooting services and our certified electricians can find the issue. However, we at Peterkin Electric would like to further elaborate on when the lights go out and the circuit breaker is not tripped. Lights are lost but the circuit breaker doesn’t trip. It can be a bit confusing should one or more lights in your home have gone out and your circuit breaker isn’t tripped. Below are a few solutions.

How Do You Fix a Tripped GFCI Outlet?

One likely suspect is if the a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlet that has tripped. GFCI outlets trip much quicker to protect people from electrocution when there is an electrical imbalance. The GFCI has tripped if you press the ‘test’ button and does not click. You can restore the power to the outlet and any outlets downstream by pushing the ‘reset” button.

Loose Electrical Connection or Wiring

Loose wiring can be the culprit. Wiring and screws can come loose over the years. Multiple outlets or lights throughout the house can be impacted from one outlet going out as well. Outlets can be tightened easy enough but if there is loose wiring, you need to leave it to the professionals to avoid serious injury or property damage.

Can a Weak Breaker Cause Lights to Flicker?

There are some easy fixes, should you find yourself in a situation where your lights are flickering on and off, however, there may be a need for an electrician that evidence suggests. LED or fluorescent bulbs are more prone to flicker when reaching peak illumination when they are first activated and if the flickering continues consistently afterward, switch the bulb. A loose bulb or a faulty switch can be another non-serious issue with lights flickering and can be fixed easily enough. The voltage in your household is not up to standard in the event your lights are dimming or flickering after turning on a large appliance, but your circuit breaker has not tripped, which is extremely dangerous situation and needs the assistance of an electrician as soon as possible. Loosening wiring is another possible in the scenario. A professional is needed if you check your circuit breaker and the wiring looks loose. In fact, in the United States, loose wiring is the third-leading cause of home structural fires.

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There are reasons to why the electrical is having problems without affecting the circuit breaker and if you are ever uncertain or uncomfortable finding the solution, the experts at Peterkin Electric is happy to offer assistance and ensure the correct diagnosis is made and the repairs are done right. Call Peterkin Electric for your repairs, installation, replacements and upgrades in Orange County, CA.

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