Myths & Facts About Lightning in Fountain Valley, CA; Positive or Negative Electrical Charge & More

Whenever there is a large thunder and lightning storm your house could be the target of a lightning strike. Here at Peterkin Electric we can confirm that lightning does indeed wreak havoc on homes on a regular basis. We help our customers out after a lightning strike on a regular basis. As we talk to our customers when we respond to their calls we frequently hear all sorts of different things about lightning that are not actually true. So today we are going to bust some of the most commonly believed myths about lightning.

What are the Odds of Lightning Striking Twice?

One of the most commonly believed myths about lightning is that it never strikes the same place twice. This is simply just not true. Lighting often strikes the same place repeatedly. Frequently tall, pointy, isolated objects will be hit by lightning more than one time. The best example of this is the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building is hit by lightning multiple times a year.

Has any Golfer Been Struck By Lightning?

Another myth that is shared regularly is that golfers are most likely to be hit by lightning during a storm. Statistics show that between 2006 and 2014 there were 261 people killed by lightning. Fishermen were killed by lightning three times more regularly then golfers. If you are on the golf course during a lightning storm we still recommend getting off the course and safely away from the storm though.

How Many Seconds after lightning Do You Hear Thunder?

The third myth that we want to debunk is that if you count more than 30 seconds from a lightning strike until the thunder than the storm is more than 6 miles away. This is absolutely not true! When lightning strikes the storm is already upon you. You should move to safety right away.

What is the Best Position You Should Take if You are About to Be Hit By Lightning?

Your parents may have told you that if you are caught outside in a lightning storm that you should crouch down very low or lie on the ground to protect yourself from being struck by lightning. In reality you are just as likely to be affected by lightning laying on the ground as standing up. Ground lightning can affect you if you are laying on the ground. When lightning strikes the ground it affects a large area.

Does Lightning have an Electrical Charge?

If you have ever been struck by lightning you have probably some heard some very entertaining statements from people about it. Many people believe that once you have been hit by lightning that you carry an electrical charge and that you should not help them. This is a false belief as well. If you are hit by lightning you do not carry any sort of electrical charge
Many people believe that if they are inside a house that they are 100% safe from lightning. It is true that being inside during a storm is an excellent choice but it does not keep you 100% safe. You will want to avoid anything that conducts electricity and windows during a lightning storm. Many times windows get broken and shattered during a lightning storm. If lighting strikes your house you could get hurt if you are touching anything that conducts electricity.

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Next time there is a lightning storm we hope that knowing the real facts about lightning will help you stay safe. If your house gets struck by lightning you will want to have Peterkin Electric come out and get everything taken care of for you. Call us today!

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