Ceiling Light Fixture Not Working But Not Bulb in North Tustin, CA? Tripped Circuit Breaker, Loose Wiring & More

When you have a light fixture go out suddenly inside your home, you may wonder if the electrical line is broken or if it’s the light fixture. To determine the cause, and before investing in fixture replacement, Peterkin Electric will share different reasons why a light fixture may stop working to better troubleshoot the problem.

Troubleshooting Why Light Fixture Stopped Working

Tripped Circuit Breaker: Before jumping to any major conclusion about electrical wiring or light fixture failures, check the circuit breaker first. Sometimes a circuit break can be tripped or even go out requiring a need to be replaced.
Test Light Bulb(s): If a light fixture doesn’t seem to be working, the next step is to test the light bulb(s). When testing the light bulb, first jiggle and twist the bulb gently. Sometimes the light bulb isn’t seated correctly. Even if you were using a CFL bulb or a LED bulb, try a new bulb. Most people believe that these bulbs last ten years without fail. However, even the best light bulb can have flaws and fail prematurely. Try putting in a new light bulb to see it that was the culprit.
Broken Light Socket Tab: If a new light bulb didn’t do they trick, the next step is to check and possibly repair the socket tab. Take the light bulb out of the fixture. Make sure the power is turned off to the fixture to ensure safety. Look inside the light fixture socket. There you will see a metal tab. Try to bend the tab upwards and gently put the light bulb back into the socket and turn the light back on.
Hot Light Fixture Switch: If all basic tests and repairs fail, then it is time to test the light fixture switch. If the light fixture switch feels funny when used or is hot, the light switch may need to be replaced. Light switches can and do go out over time. When replacing a light switch, it is recommended to seek a professional service. If you do your own repair, make sure to consider safety first and have the circuit to the light switch turned off.
Test Circuit & Electrical Wiring: Another step that may be needed, is the light fixture circuit or wiring needs to be tested. The electrical wiring that goes to the light fixture could have been damaged. Wiring can be easily damaged by rodents, nails, screws, or even electrical bursts that have burned the wiring. Often it will require a professional electrician to come and test the circuit and the wiring. They have the tools to see if electricity is getting to the light fixture or if it stops before reaching the fixture. If needed, the circuit wiring might need to be replaced.
Loose Wiring in Light Fixture: At times the problem can be with the light fixture itself. One part of a light fixture is the terminal. The terminal is the section of the light fixture where all of the wiring connects. The terminal or wiring can become loose or even damaged due to power surges. At times, the wiring can become fried if new light bulb(s) were installed with too high of wattage for the light fixture. The light fixture terminal case will need to be removed and the wiring inspected to determine if the wiring is damaged.

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