Installing Recessed Lighting in Finished Hallway Ceiling in Rossmoor, CA; Call a Professional Electrician!

You need to update the lighting if you notice the hall lights feature yellow globe lights; decade old track lighting; yellow globe lights; or other outdated lights. When updating the light fixtures, consider recessed lights for an exceptional makeover. You can get a modernized look with more energy efficient solutions by upgrading the outdated lights in your hallway can be done easily with sleek recessed LED lights. To make a big design statement, hallways should not the platform. Achieved lights or recessed lights can deliver a clean, streamlined look that hallways should have. For just a few dollars more than halogens and CFLs, low energy, bulb and fixture options have dropped in price considerably for superior efficiency. To replace the hallway with recessed lighting, we at Peterkin Electric would like to offer the simple steps.

How to Install Recessed Lighting

1) From the breaker box, turn power to the light fixture you are replacing. To ensure the correct circuit has been cut off before continuing, be sure to tripe check.
2) Utilizing a putty knife, cut around the base of the light fixture.
3) With the appropriate tools, remove any screws, nuts or bolts holding the light fixture to the ceiling. Carefully remove the light fixture from the ceiling with the assistance of the putty knife. Holding the light fixtures should only be by the wiring.
4) Concealed the electrical connections needs be unscrewed from the fixture by the ceramic disk. Remove the electrical connections from there.
5) If any wiring is damaged or burned, trim it with wire cutters so only good wire remains. Strip sheathing from remaining wire about 3/4-inch.
6) Unscrew the light hanging bracket from the electrical box.
7) Cut around ceiling drywall with putty knife to remove the electrical box. Also remove stubborn boxes by a screw/nut may that it may be securing. After sliding out the box and discarding it, pull the wires through the hole.
8) By setting the new box against the ceiling, trace the new size with a pencil. Carefully cut the shape using a utility knife. Follow this guide to make the opening just big enough to fit the new box, use a keyhole/drywall saw.
9) Ensure to feed the wires through the new box by sliding the box into the freshly cut hole.
10) To secure the new box into place the nut on the hanger and tighten.
11) Clamp down the released wires.
12) Remove the 2 screws to install your new LED recessed light into it, from the new fixture. Screw the hanger, which looks like a stair-step bracket, with the screws you just removed flush into the box.
13) Attach the ground wire with the green screw that came with the new light, in the center by wrapping the and tightening it into the hanger. To the wires with wire nuts, secure the connector from the recessed light converter; black to black and white to white.
14) Insert the connector into the new can light fixture and press the light fixture into the 2 brackets as you tuck the wires up and out of the way.
15) At your breaker box, restore power.

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Installing recessed lighting should be done by someone with training in electricity. If you do not have the knowledge and experience necessary, be sure to leave it to the professionals. Call Peterkin Electric today for your hallway recessed lighting services.

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