Common Electrical Problems in Los Alamitos CA; Faulty Light Switch, Short Circuit, Loose Wall Outlet & More

Electrical concerns, whether minor or major, are quite common in homes. Some problems are easily taken care of on your own, and others require a professional. Whether you have the fortitude to take care of the electrical issues yourself, always be safe and hire a professional if the problem is out of your experience. With this in mind, we at Peterkin Electric would like to share the residential electrical problems that are common.

Faulty Light Switch

Flip off the circuit breaker and then use a flathead screwdriver as you removed the faceplate. Should there be an electrical supply, use phillips head screwdriver to remove the light switch and test the wires connected to the screw. Prior to reassembling the light switch, make sure the electricity is still disconnected.

Short Circuit Concerns

As these problems occur in appliances, hairdryers short circuit or trip frequently. However, if the problem still occurs, the appliance is faulty if you reset the breaker. Urgent attention is necessary as it may be short wiring or a problem with the receptacle.

Loose Electrical Wall Outlet

By turning off the breaker, is where you need to start. Utilize the voltmeter to check the voltage supplied to the outlet after it is off. Unscrew the cover plate and put some outlet shims until the outlet becomes flushed to the wall.

Frayed or Damaged Extension Cord

To begin with, you need to unplug both ends, then cut off the old plug before scoring and peeling back the insulation jacket in this situation. Before twisting each wire tightly at the end, utilize the wire stripper to strip each wire. With the black screwed to gold and the white to the silver screw once finished, gently screw them to the back of the plug. Close the plugs to secure the wires.

Lights Dimming & Flickering

You must deal with flickering and dimming are two hazardous electricity concerns since they can be signs of poor connection causing arcing. From the loose or corroded connections causing arcing leads to over-heating, and fire stems. A pro is essential for rectifying this problem for safety.

Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out

Being another hazardous electrical problem, a professional should also handle this problem. A loose connection in socket or circuit, poor insulation may be causing over-heating, and failing recessed lights are often the case. The light fixtures are designed to shut off will prevent fire outbreaks. To ensure safety, be sure to contact a professional.

Warm or Dead Electrical Outlet

Warm outlets must be considered serious electrical hazards unless it is a dimmer switch. Due to tripped poor connections, or tripped breaker, excessive heat buildup can cause melting wires leads to cause dead outlets.

Breaker Keeps Tripping

Tripping breakers that occurs often is a sign that the circuit is overloaded with too much electricity. It needs to be considered to have an upgrade in your electrical system.

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