Signs Your House in Ladera Ranch, CA Needs Rewiring; Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping, Dimming Lights & More

You may notice some indications that point to your home requiring some rewiring, no matter if you have recently moved into a new home you bought or was passed down to you, or you have been in the home for decades. We at Peterkin Electric would like to take this opportunity to list warning signs that may not be as obvious as others and many homeowners do not initially know what they are pointing to today that suggest you likely need home rewiring.

Rewiring an Old House

Older homes were not designed to take on the demand of electrical needs. The homes-built decades ago were simply not built with such foresight with all the affordable appliances, theater systems, computers, printers, home and other major and minor electrical devices surging energy. To support the demand of your family’s electrical need, any home constructed prior to 1970 is likely inadequate. It may also be unlikely to keep up with the needs with any home built from then until the 2000s.

Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

It is not normal should the breakers are continuing to trip. The circuit breakers keep you and your home safe by tripping or turning off when a wire running to or from a specific device becomes overloaded. An overloaded wire can become extremely hot results in a major electrical fire. This is a major red flag and you should consider a home rewiring and potential upgrades should you notice the frequent tripping of your breakers.

Lights Dimming in House

You can potentially notice your lights dim down each time you turn on the vacuum cleaner or another large appliance. Though it is common and suggests your wiring system is not accommodating the electrical flow, this is not a normal reaction. Updated electrical systems do not cause the lights to dim at all in fact. A rewiring may be in order in the event you notice the light intensity dropping.

Long Term Extension Cord Use

Being that it means you need more outlets installed in your home to accommodate the demand, extension cords are a temporary solution, and if you find that you are using them more often for everyday use.

New Appliance Installation

People are taking advantage of the commodities, and appliances or electronic gadgets are constantly becoming more and more affordable and with the convenience of these appliances and devices. The above issues persist the wiring should accommodate the demand. A rewiring might be better done to ensure it can handle the load to make certain the safety of you and your home.

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Faulty wiring is one of the leading causes of residential wires according to the National Fire Prevention Association. Caused by poor wiring, no one wants to deal with the hazards of potential fires. The number one goal of our electricians is your safety and a close second priority is customer satisfaction when hiring a professional. With a steady flow for all household appliances is electrical wiring ensuring a safer home for all members of your household plays a major role. Call Peterkin Electric when your home is in need of rewiring, upgrades, or any other electrical services.

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