Dangers of DIY Electrical Wiring Work in Artesia, CA; Fires, Injury Property Damage & More

Professionals in any trade who have the countless years of experience of hours upon hours a day perfecting their trade are far more equipped to a job than the inexperienced. As their expertise and knowledge flows from the hands with precision and superior results are made to look so simple. As a result, laymen try to take on the same project later and have a severely different outcome. In an effort to save some cash, so many attempt specialized tradesmen work. Where some with natural talent in the different arenas may see some fruitful outcomes, there are others that become a disaster. Electrical work is a different beast however; a false move can result in catastrophic consequences. Considering that, we at Peterkin Electric would like to list the main reasons why electrical work should be left to a certified electrician.

DIY VS Hiring a Professional Electrician

1) Property and Structural Damage: As temperamental as electricity is, making the wrong move can result in the wires of the appliance or electrical device frying or melting, or even in more serious situations completely damage the unit by a surge of electricity, leaving your investment destroyed. The wiring in your home can also be inflicted with damage. With excessive DIY attempts resulting in damage, most insurance companies will not pay for any damages in the event electrical work was not done by a professional; licensed, and insured electrician in some states. Whether, you are trying do it yourself to save some cash or just for the pride and satisfaction of it, it could be more costly than you imagine. What looks to be an easy do it yourself project can quickly evolve into a nightmare due to inexperience if you do not know what you are doing. This applies to the simplest of tasks.
2) Electrical Fires: Because of unstable wiring systems and improper connections, literally hundreds of electrical fires every year are occurring. The National Fire Protection Agency is updated and published every 3 years, listing the code book for licensed electricians can study to be well versed with current electrical strategies and procedures to ensure everyone’s safety and prevent fires from happening.
3) Degrees of Injury or Fatalities: Serious injury and safety hazards to persons can easily erupt unless the job is performed correctly as the dangers of working with electricity is challenging. The simple fact is that if improperly handled, people can sustain severe injuries or even death despite people believing this warning is nothing more a not a tactic to persuade the masses into hiring an electrician. When dealing with electricity, all safety protocols and aspects are learned and implemented by experienced and trained electricians.

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