Do You Need an Electrician to Install a New Light Fixture or Electrical Outlet in Buena Park, CA?

Installing or replacing new light fixtures or outlets may seem like a simple task; just match up the wiring and make sure they are connected correctly. Where it can take an experienced electrician only a few minutes to install a light fixture or outlet, if done improperly by a novice, it can lead to a fire and is extremely hazardous. This is why it is recommended to always use a licensed electrician. Peterkin Electric will share how installing light fixtures and outlets are done and why it should be done properly.

Installing New Light Fixtures or Outlets

Replacing new light fixtures or outlets is fairly easy since the wiring and casing is already present. However, adding new fixtures or outlets requires the aid of a professional electrician. When new light fixtures or outlets are needed, the first step is creating the starter hole. The starter hole is cut into the wall or ceiling. Any debris or insulation will need to be cleared away or it can be a fire hazard. A new line is then fed into the starter hole. The electrician will either create an entirely new circuit or connect to an existing one, depending on the additional electrical needs. If the electrical load is too high then the electrician will need to add a circuit to prevent overloading a circuit which can result in a fire. Weaving the new wiring can be tricky and many will use a special pulley to help feed the wires through the walls or ceiling. The light fixture or outlet box or case is then installed and the wires secured in place. With the new wire and mount case or outlet box secured in place the new outlet or light fixture can be installed.

Replacing a Light Fixture or Switch on an Existing Circuit

Replacing an existing outlet and light fixture is much easier since new wiring isn’t needed. However, it is important that the fixture or outlets are reinstalled correctly and the previous wiring is inspected for damage or potential fire or electrical hazards. The circuit is also tested to see if there are any loose connections somewhere within the circuit. If a loose connection is detected or the existing wiring is damaged, the electrician can repair the wiring and locate the loose connection. It is important to make sure the wiring and circuit has no damage or problems to ensure electrical safety. It is equally important to have the outlet or light fixture installed correctly. If the connections are loose or exposed it is a major hazard and can cause a fire.

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For those who what to replace their own outlets or light fixtures make sure that no copper wiring is exposed and the nuts are screwed on tightly. Make sure to match the electrical load to the outlet or circuit. Avoid exceeding the power requirements which is common during DIY electrical installation. If the electrical load exceeds the circuit requirements it can cause that circuit to trip or overheat. When you need basic outlet or light fixture replacement or new installation, contact a professional electrician. Peterkin Electriccan help with electrical installation and repair services. To schedule our services, contact Peterkin Electric today.

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