Top Electrical Warning Signs in Lake Forest, CA; Burn Marks on Outlets, Dimming Lights & More

The electrical system is a risk to every home. There are many electrical regulations that help improve electrical safety. However, too many fires are due to an electrical error and many may have been prevented. As homes age, their electrical wiring can become damaged, frayed and even become loose. Often your electrical system will give some warning that there may be a problem if you know what to look for. To help enhance safety in your home, Peterkin Electric will share some of the common warning signs to watch for to prevent an electrical disaster.

Smoke or Burn Marks on Outlets

When you pull out a plug and a big spark occurs that leaves behind a burn mark on the face of the outlet, this can be a sign of future trouble. This spark occurred because the neutral wire came in contact with the ground wire. Another cause could be due to corrosion, which can occur over time, that came in contact will dust and triggered the spark.

Dimming or Flickering Lights

Many electrical problems can cause lights to dim or even flicker. In some cases it is not a safety concern. However, often the light fixtures may have a loose connection or there is a voltage fluctuation occurring. Both can be a concern. Loose connections often mean the wiring is exposed which can trigger a fire. When voltage changes due to an influx of power it can encourage sparks to occur more frequently.

Smoke with an Acrid Scent

When you smell or see smoke, it is never good, even if it may seem harmless. When the electrical wiring and various electrical components short circuit, it will give off an acrid smell which is easy to detect. This is often the beginning stages of an electrical fire. You may want to turn off the circuit to that line and call for electrical service to come and inspect your electrical system. Be sure to tell them where and what may have caused the burn.

Electrical Buzzing Sound in Wall

When you turn on your lights you may hear a buzzing, humming or even a clicking noise. When you hear these types of noises coming from your electrical system it indicates there is a problem with the wiring. Often you may hear these noise close to an outlet or the light switch. There is most likely a loose connection in or near the switch or outlet. If left uncorrected, your home is at risk. The light switch or outlet face plate may even feel hot to the touch.

Rats or Mice Chewing on Wires

If you recently had or have a rodent problem, your mind might be on pest control. However, you will not only want to remove these pests from your home, you will also want to get your electrical system inspected as well. Electrical wiring is often chewed on by mice and rats because of the wire’s coating which is made from a natural oil they believe is food. To ensure your home’s electrical safety after a rodent invasion, make sure your electrical wiring is not damaged to prevent an electrical fire due to exposed and damaged wiring.

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Any of these common signs of electrical failure can result in a fire. Any abnormal symptom should be investigated by a licensed electrician. If you are having electrical problems and are concerned about your electrical safety, contact Peterkin Electric today.

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