Does a Microwave, Refrigerator or Other Appliance Need a Dedicated Electrical Circuit in Villa Park, CA?

There are several systems that are run through your house. The systems are there to make your life easier and give it a more modern feel. You have a plumbing system that is in the walls to bring water in the house and remove the septic water from the house. There is also an electrical system that is in the house that makes it so that you have electricity to light the house, create energy for appliances and make the outlets and fixtures function properly. The electric system is something that is important to the house and the family. The electrical system is something you want to make sure you know how it works and what can be added to make it work better for you. One of the things you might want to look into is called a dedicated circuit. Peterkin Electric outlines what a dedicated circuit is and why you need them in your house.

What is a Dedicated Circuit?

There are lots of circuits that are part of the electrical system in your house. The circuits are in the garage and are ended with a breaker that is there to ensure safety protocols that are required. The breaker is there to stop the flow of energy so that the items that are using the energy are not damaged when there is a burst of energy. This also will be tripped when the circuit that it is attached to has too much energy that is being pulled. A dedicated circuit is something you may need to have installed in your own house. The dedicated circuit is a line that pulled with electricity that is only attached to a specific outlet. This means that the only thing that is plugged into that outlet is using the electricity that is being run through that circuit. This is not something you need all over the house but you want in some areas.

What Appliances Need a Dedicated Circuit?

There are a few of the appliances you are using in your house that might need to have their own dedicated circuit. They are usually the ones that pull a lot of energy and if you were also charging your phone or running a line to your outdoor lights it would trip the breaker on a regular basis. There are several of the appliances you want to make sure are set up on a dedicated circuit. Your HVAC system is one that uses a large amount of energy and it will need to be on its own dedicated circuit. Another one could be your refrigerator or even your microwave. These are all things that need a good amount of energy and that is why they need the dedicated circuit.

How to Tell an Appliance Needs a Dedicated Circuit

There are some signs that you may need to get a new dedicated circuit installed in your house. If you start to have tripped breakers, lights that are flickering or appliances that are not working properly. You can call out a professional electrician that can come out and install the new circuit in your home.

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