How to Prevent & Minimize Effects of Power Surges in Laguna Woods, CA; Whole House Surge Protection & More

Surges can potentially damage electrical equipment among other issues, and most households will experience a power surge at some point. Power surges usually will trigger the circuit breaker to shut down on the electrical currents in that area. You can prevent risks and damage when you can recognize the power surges. Today, we at Peterkin Electric would like to relate the basics of power surges.

What is a Power Surge?

A power surge occurs when there’s an unexpected interruption to the flow of electricity through the grid or should a device that is supposed to draw electricity puts it back into the system instead. Though some homes are equipped with 240 volts to accommodate certain appliances, though the standard voltage in the U.S. is 120 volts. A power surge can be produced these devices are plugged into an outlet without proper protection if these devices are plugged into an outlet without proper protection.

What Causes a Power Surge to Help Prevent It

These quick spikes of electrical currents can occur in less than a thousandth of a second and the voltage varies. At varying degrees of quality only adds more variables to how the electrical currents respond to the voltage, the voltage and the electric currents can be a complex concept and the electrical devices manufactured. Below are the most common sources since there are several contributing factors that can cause a power surge.
1) When they are switched on or if a high-energy component, such as a motor, is activated, the power spikes from high powered electrical devices occur. Throughout the home, this event can impact other electrical outlets. Air conditioner, space heaters, or refrigerators are examples of the common devices.
2) After a power outage is restored, a power surge can stem from the flow of electricity flooding your appliances at once. It is recommended that you unplug all the devices and appliances and plug them back in once the power is restored should you experience a blackout.
3) A power surge can happen from a lightening striking at the right point. You can avoid this random act of nature by installing a lightening rod.
4) The surges can be become a risk and hard to track down at the circuit breaker, though they designed to protect your home from power surges.
5) Bad or faulty wiring.
6) Swaying branches in the wind branches that break off can cause power surges.
7) Electrical equipment can be tampered with by wildlife such as transformers, that cause a power surge often electrocuting them in the process.

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With a certified electrician repairing the electrical systems that are not conditioned to handle a power surge, the majority of these issues can be resolved. Repeated power surges will degrade the quality of the device since these surges can cause severe damage to your appliances. A power surge can lead to electrical fires which can ultimately consume a home in less likely occurrences. Excessive power surge signs include frequent tripping of your circuit breaker or safety switch, devices suddenly resetting or losing power, or failing or broken electrical devices. By applying these steps; using surge protectors, service provider protection, quality safety switches, and keeping the devices not regularly used unplugged until you need them, you can keep your home and electronics safer by minimizing the power surges. Call Peterkin Electric today if your home, suffers from frequent power surges and our experts will find out why.

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