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Many homeowners have placed a higher demand on the electrical system for their home in the last decade or so. Electrical appliances to enhance daily living, continuous need to charge cell phones and tablets, and all the other electrical commodities that add up. With all the extra electrical demands, you will want to make certain your home’s electrical system can handle the challenge of the extra load while still maintaining the visual appeal while adding practical function. We at Peterkin Electric would like to suggest a few ideas to help with the electrical additions optimal for your home.

Electrical Wiring & Fixture Upgrades

1) Ceiling fans in every room. Ceiling fans are installed in nearly any room and even on the back patio in most newly built homes because of the beneficial gain they offer. Homeowners, however, are deprived of these advantages living in older homes. During the hot summer months, ceiling fans alleviate some of the burdens of the air conditioner unit, saving money and energy. They are also useful all year long, when set to the right setting and not just as an accessory to the room’s style. Ceiling fans are a great investment to help distribute the heated or cooled air throughout the home and of the ability to help reduce energy costs and decrease the wear on your HVAC system.
2) Electrical panel upgrades. One of the most important upgrades to get to ensure the electrical system can manage the extra electrical usage. It is essential in fact that you do not neglect the need to accommodate the electrical demand in addition to the aesthetic installation growth and gadgets. With the upgrade, the older panel can put you at high risk for circuit overload which develops into electrical shorts, leading to potential fires. Maximizing the safety with the upgraded electrical panel is priority and it is likely required to stay current with the building codes and statues.
3) More kitchen lighting. The kitchen can never have too much lighting. With an assortment of lights, you can create visual depth; accentuate the interior design and architectural focal points. Additional lights can not only be used for practical function but beautifying ambiance as well. Installing lights under the cabinets for example, can provide better task lighting for reading recipes and preparing meals as well as giving off subtle ambiance for shallow lighting to see in the dark. There are a plethora of options that can give the kitchen more sufficient lighting to optimize the overall look of your kitchen.
4) Recessed lighting. This option is a great way to utilize lighting to accentuate certain areas of your home without adding an obstructive lighting fixture. Recessed lighting, with an elegant yet subtle glow, creates an illusion of more space within a room. This option can give you the luxury of accenting unique architectural designs, prized possessions, or even offer a pleasant ambient environment with the right adjustment. Recessed lights are very dynamic and equally versatile with the installation being fairly quick and easy.

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Peterkin Electric can get any of your electrical installations, upgrades, and repairs done safely. If your home could use some of these above suggestions or you have your own desires and needs, call us today!

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